In Galatians 5:22 and 23, meekness is listed as one of the fruits that the Holy Spirit produces in our lives. In the Greek language, the wordA prautesA (a€?meeknessa€?) conveys the idea of a high and noble ideal to be aspired to in onea€™s life. He may in fact possess a strong will and a powerful character; he may be a person who has his own opinion. Rather than fly into a rage and throw a temper tantrum, you are able toA remain silent and keep your emotions and temper under control. If you find yourself in a situationA that you fiercely believe is wrong, you are still able to stay silent until the appropriate moment toA speak or until you have been asked for your opinion.
A meek person doesna€™t project the countenance of one who is offended, upset, angry, or reactive to insults or injuries.

When others say or do something that could offend you, do you quickly retort with a harsh answer, or are you able to control your emotions and temper, remaining silent until a more appropriate time to speak?A The flesh loves to rage out of control, but when meekness is being produced in you by the Holy Spirit, it will make you careful and controlled. But doesna€™t a€?temperancea€? have almost exactly the same meaning as the word a€?meeknessa€?? What is the difference between these two fruits of the Spirit?A As noted above, the word a€?meeknessa€? has to do with the attitude or demeanor of a person who can control his temper or emotions.
Because the Holy Spirit has produced temperanceA in his life, he is able to say no to overeating, no to overindulging in fleshly activities, no toA any excesses in the physical realm. If the flesh is allowed to haveA its way, it will over-worry, overwork, overeat, overindulge, and literally run itself to death. Do you demonstrate that you can control both your temper and your physical appetites and urges?

When I look at myself in the mirror, my physical image even tells me that temperance is greatly lacking in me.
So today I am sincerely calling out and asking You to help me move up to a higher level of life.

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