She is best known for her roles as William Katta€™s girlfriend, Pam Davidson, alongside Robert Culp, on the television series The Greatest American Hero, and as James Brolina€™s girlfriend, Christine Francis, in the 80a€™s TV drama Hotel. Being cool is not always the coolest thing to bea€”recognize the value of being vulnerable and emotionally open.
Since those born on this day are attuned to the rhythms of the world around them, they are able to survive social change, sometimes going with the flow, sometimes removing themselves.
Learning to listen and not just plunge ahead with our own best interests at heart will be a difficult task during the Week of Freedom. Bright, perky and alert, but also a tad abrasive, these people are high-speed players who get impatient with other peoplea€™s slower responses. Family life can have a grounding influence on their mercurial energies; likewise, clever mates and friends will put their quick wits and talents to constructive uses, often by introducing them to interesting activities, jobs and businesses requiring close attention and maintenance.
Those involved in relationships with them, whether family, friends or lovers, wona€™t need to do much guessing as to their state of mind. Considering their emotional volatility and changeability, they are surprisingly loyal partners.
Protective, they are capable of putting their prodigious energies to use in rescuing others from trouble. If you already have an account you will only need to login with your username and password. Their friends and family will find that they are charming and agreeable only to a point, however.
They have clear ideas on a wide variety of subjects, and these ideas are usually part of a larger, more universal code. Unfortunately, their emotional side may be a bit repressed or, if damaged in childhood, severely blocked. Learning to be less fearful in general is important for them, no matter how forceful they may seem on the outside.
Because Neptune is the watery planet ruling visions, dreams and psychic phenomena, losing touch with reality poses a danger for May 25 people, particularly as far as the feelings of others are concerned. The card may be interpreted to mean that no matter how narrow or precarious the correct path, one must continue on. In addition, we will have to tone down some of our outspokenness if we are to be welcomed socially into the groups around us.
Often technically gifted, they can get annoyed when others are less skillful in performing a certain task.

They are constantly dreaming up new plans and schemes, perhaps at the expense of pressing matters that need attention (such as paying bills). A relatively rootless among them will often blossom when put to work in a structured position involving a lot of responsibility. They are both emotionally volatile and not at all shy about verbalizing any discontent they may have. They do tire of routine quickly, though, and may from time to time find it necessary to change the structures of their most intimate relationships to keep from being bored. Unfortunately, they sometimes wind up subjecting rescuees to their own brand of tyranny, in a benighted effort to make things turn out right. In fact, they rarely hesitate to turn on their considerable charm when they want to get their way.
Building a foundation of self-confidence, perhaps slowly over the years, will guarantee them success in the world and keep them from sabotaging their own plans. Those ruled by the number 7 traditionally like change and travel, and this causes no conflicts for May 25 people, who generally enjoy a frequent change of scene (underlined by Mercurya€™s rulership of Gemini). The good side of this card posits success, talent and efficiency; the bad side suggests a dictatorial attitude and a poor sense of direction. Given this low threshold of irritation, they may get stressed out easily, lashing out with irony or sarcasm. In their lifetimes they may leave behind enough unfinished projects to occupy a dozen human beings. If their work gives them the opportunity to innovate, they may continue quite happily in the same position for years.
In extreme cases, in fact, they can be constant complainers, though for the most part they just have a periodic need to get their dissatisfactions off their chest. Those best able to carry on with them will be able to accept their need for stimulation, variety and a regular change of scene. Their first impulses are often to relieve difficulties through prompt and rational action, yet the manner in which they proceed may somehow create more problems than it solves. Not only do those born on May 25 hold themselves to this standard, but may expect everyone else to follow it as well.
Those born on this day must find a way to live by their code of ethics without paralyzing themselves in introspection or self criticism; their ideals should find expression in pragmatic ways. Those few people who can approach them emotionally not only bring much-needed warmth but can also make suggestions regarding their sleeping and eating habits, and function as a mirror of objectivity.

Their aggression is often a reaction to what they see as incompetence or stupidity, but it does not make them easy to live or work with.
Those close to them usually let them run on, picking out the core of the difficulty and letting the rest go in one ear and out the other.
They may recognize the objective needs of a family member, for example, and may seek to satisfy them, yet may fail by not taking their feelings into account. In time, however, their flirtatious and provocative allure may wear thin if not backed up by a reliably sympathetic stance. Those born on this day can be extremely unforgiving to those who cross the lines of decency. Whatever they doa€”be it art, sport, sex, or worka€”is beautifully crafted or executed, but unfortunately can also lack feeling.
Otherwise, May 25 people run the danger of becoming unrealistic about what they believe, and a bit out of touch with their true needs. Further, they may make promises in good faith yet break them later due to new and pressing demands. They may give conditionally, using rewards as a means of control, and withdrawing rewards as a means of punishment.
As their mates and lovers will attest, these folks can become unhinged with lightning speed; they are at their best when they keep their nerves under control. Honor and personal responsibility are immensely important to them, and their expectations are correspondingly high.
Indeed, some born on this day take pride in themselves as cool personalities who are not given to displays of emotion. Such expression, whether in a form of creativity or simply conversation, reduces the propensity here for psychological frustration. Accordingly, they should avoid all drugs and stimulants, particularly alcohol, that will alter their consciousness or cause them to be less present. They have a habit of repeating themselves, so they cannot fairly accuse others of not listening to what they say.

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