In this age of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks and Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, a lot of current U.S. According to several articles, in October 1973 Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir sent an urgent letter to President Richard Nixon via Henry Kissinger. Rule #1 of library detective work: Go with your gut (especially if it’s an experienced gut). In true government document fashion, my search results often had obscure titles that made it difficult to know if I had hit pay dirt. Although we found our answer on the free web after all, it took a library to index and share the document and librarian intervention to track it down. When tiny microbes jam up like fans exiting a baseball stadium, they can do some real damage.
My husband and I want our child (and future kiddos) to enjoy the magical part of Christmas that is Santa.
My hope is that my child (and perhaps yours!) will experience the magic of Santa and learn the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Follow #elfontheshelfjesusstyle on pinterest, facebook and twitter to see daily pictures of our elf’s activities and share yours as well!!! We did not have the “Elf on the Shelf” when my children were itty bitties but I absolutely adore the message that you are sending to your child! So glad to see a positive post … it always bothered me that the Elf was supposed to watch and make sure the kids are nice, but he was acting naughty!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUGGESTIONS THAT I CAN PASS ALONG TO FAMILIES ABOUT HOW TO USE THE ELF ON THE SHELF TO TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS. But I agree with what you said in the comments above – your love for Christ in your life is what counts. Just for future use, when our older children started questioning Santa being real I explained that like God & Jesus their spirit lives in each of us.

For those celebrating Christmas, few things are more synonymous with the holiday than gift-giving. The researcher (let’s call her Mary) had already checked many primary sources, databases, and yes, even Google. If you think it should be found in the National Security Archive database and Mary didn’t find it there—look again, trying other search strategies. Once I deciphered the trail of all the people through whom it was transmitted, it became clear that the next page was Meir’s own message.
You might call us everyone’s favorite “intelligence agency,” mining and exposing information for the common good. I just made the mistake of reading the book to my child without pre-reading it, and I was cringing at the thought of kids being told the can tell the elf their wishes and he would tell Santa and Santa would decide if they get those things or not.
I’m looking forward to checking back and seeing all the ways your teach your little one about Jesus. And I really appreciate that, although you have a different opinion, you are respectful and non-judgmental about my choice!
A popular way to exchange gifts with friends or co-workers is by employing the “Secret Santa” method, and this can be done quickly and easily with the Secret Santa generator.With the Secret Santa generator, each participant will know exactly who they are supposed to be buying a gift for. We started Elf last year and on Christmas Eve (the last time she arrived) she was found kneeling at the manger in our nativity this year and every year to come she will be found at the manger.
Those in charge can also keep an accurate record and will be able to answer any questions that may arise. I know that sounds harsh, but I want him to know we give gifts out of love and because we are celebrating our saviors birth.
It does tend to help children behave better and as the mother of a 6 yr old and a 10 yr old I don’t see anything wrong with encouraging good behavior!
You can download the Secret Santa generator for free by clicking the link available on this page.How to Use the Microsoft Secret Santa Generator TemplateThe Secret Santa generator is an easy-to-use and understand Microsoft template.

This sounds cute for those who are unaware of what Christ did for us, but to twist things & make it alright because it mentions Christ? We have done a Cake for Jesus’ birthday before but they so did not understand and I really did not know when to do an advent kind of calendar or really when to start elf on the shelf if i was going to! We were completely oblivious to the fact that my Grandpa was missing… ??  Such a fun memory!! I want him to believe in Christmas Magic but I want him to know what it’s really about. Last night we talked about Jesus being the light of the world, because people had darkness in their hearts; Jesus had to come for us to bring light into our hearts and to forgive us of our sins. The template can also be completely customized and can be used for future Christmas holidays to come.The purpose of the Secret Santa generator is to give you a way to help the members of your group or party give gifts without having to get them for everyone. The first step in using the template is to input all of the names from your guest list in the column that is marked “From.”The next step in using the Secret Santa generator is to copy and paste the same names into the column marked “To”. This will shuffle the list of names and reveal who will be giving gifts to whom.Once the template has been filled out and the names have been rearranged, print it off. Next, cut out the boxes of the Secret Santa generate and pass them out to the corresponding name. Finally, instruct all those participating that the person they are shopping for is a secret.Download: Secret Santa GeneratorNot what you were looking for?

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