Discover The Benefits of Super Advanced Vitamin B-12 with The Infowars Life Secret 12 Proprietary Formula. Discover The Benefits of Super Advanced Vitamin B-12 with The Infowars Life Secret 12 Proprietary Formula Since its inception, Infowars Life has set about to bring you revolutionary products that are designed to be life changing. During this time we've found that so many 'staple' formulations have not yet been advanced with new leaps in nutraceutical science. We asked, why is everyone else developing processed, synthetic forms of vitamin B-12 that are loaded with fillers?Low quality B-12 formulations can have serious problems when it comes to their affect on the body, their purity, and of course what's known as their 'bio-active' abilities.

That's why many are having to resort to painful B-12 injections, which require needles and may come with a lot of pain. What is the Infowars Life Secret 12 B Vitamin Formula?Although most of us simply know vitamin B-12 as the B vitamin responsible for energy production, it's important to understand that vitamin B-12 is actually a catch-all term for a class of vitamins known as cobalamins -- cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, methycobalamin, and adenosylcobalamin -- and they are not equal in their benefits.
Whereas traditional B-12 supplements contain cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalmin, Infowars Life Secret 12 contains methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalmin, specifically chosen from all other forms for their bioactive characteristics. Help The Body Fight B-12 DeficiencyB-12 deficiency is a serious problem that can cause anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation, weight loss, depression, poor memory, asthma, vision problems, and low sperm count.4.

Supports Your Body's Major ProcessesAs defense against homocysteine, B-12 is nutritional support for numerous essential bodily functions. You Know What You're GettingAs always with Infowars Life, when you try Secret 12, you know you are securing the highest quality formulation that has been created using proprietary technology housed within a GMP certified laboratory inside the United States.

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