Ever wonder what your action figures do after your kids (or you, let’s be real) are done playing with them for the day?
If you want to see more of Hardjo’s truly amazing work, head on over to his Facebook page!
The mighty Steve Agee returns to the Film Pigs to talk with the popcorn swilling fellas about Money Monster, The Darkness, and The Lobster.
The Piglettes (Kether Donohue, Lauran September, Gigi Graff and Hilary Anderson) are back for the second week in a row!

The topic of superheroes doing every day things has always been popular, but it seems like it’s being really examined now.
Hrjoe Photography has playfully created a world of superheroes up to no good with a collection of action figures. The best thing is, the portrayals of these every day activities are usually in a creative and unique way.
His figure photography is entertaining and yields a seemingly endless possibility of images.

From the statue covered shelves in his man-cave, to the collection of over 1,000 high definition movies, all the way to the the boxes of comics in his basement.
He’s interested in video games, collectibles, sports, comics, and books, but his true geek love is movies.

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