Fourteen year old Lily Owens has been tormented by the same memory since she was four - the events of the afternoon her mother died.
I had been putting off reading this book for so long because I knew nothing about it, and the bee-word was honestly a little repulsive.
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman, though I know it should have been the other way around, had I read this one first. I found it so very truthful, because I've noticed that those who are the staunchest to declare that they are bias-free are, in fact, not. Soon after reading the book, I rented the movie, which was just as enjoyable though not as much as the book (No surprise).

This idea was expressed in the movie, Crash, and we've seen such hypocritical characters in many books. Now she keeps asking have I read it yet - I'll get to it!I agree - most of the books that have made the greatest impact on me this year I approached with some doubt - and then got hit from the blindside.
I just picked up a second hand copy of this recently and am really looking forward to reading it.
Ray, in a peach farm in South Carolina - a father who never acknowledges her birthday, doesn't buy her anything, and is nothing like a father should be. This book was awesome, and isn't it great to lose yourself completely into a book that you had no idea about?mummazappa, It is truly awesome!

I have decided that the only way I can enjoy a movie based on a book is to watch it right away.
Then something happens that prompts Lily to leave her father and her home to a place called Tiburon along with Rosaleen.
There, she stays with three black beekeeping sisters, August, June and May, who provide such delightful company and eventually helps Lily get answers to the questions with which she arrived there.

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