I actually owned this shirt for so long I am a little hazy on when I bought it — which is a rare occurrence for me as I like my clothes.
Nancy Du Tertre’s psychic workshop class did a psychometry exercise using the above object donated to this project. In grade school I caught the bouquet at my uncle’s wedding and this doily was wrapped around the flowers. I don’t think I kept this doily ostensibly to remember this now tragic-comic story from my childhood. That being said, it was an expensive flannel shirt that I justified buying because I think it was on sale at the Gant store on 5th Avenue. I loved to wear my yellow bee shirt under it – as it color coordinated distinctively. Psychics are able to receive impressions by holding objects in their hands, these can take the form of sounds, smells, tastes and emotions.
I clearly remember the moment: I was so intent to catch the flowers when they were thrown and I did so by a fluke, they were thrown from a balcony and hit a beam, thus not going very far but falling to the front where I was standing. I’d love to add some more objects to my collection, so if you have trouble letting go of belongings please consider making a contribution. The articulate letter was hand-written on composition paper, the ink varying color over the course of the pages.

But during the course of the remodeling work, because my place was so small, it was always in my way and I was constantly shifting it from one spot to another — always on the floor. The devastation was still everywhere clothes hanging in trees, front steps that led nowhere, tent cities near the cemetery and in some areas a stench from things still rotting.
Their words have reminded me that objects can speak to us and can activate our imaginations.
My excitement was soon ruined by my older sister who told me that another woman sitting at our table caught the flowers when she was my age and that she had never gotten married; she said the same thing would happen to me. I read it in one sitting, and I felt as if I was reading a short story in a modern anthology of ghost stories. But if you don’t part with anything, if you try to hold back time, you can spend your whole life tidying life up and documenting it.
Many people had left the area because they were homeless and jobless but the people that did remain were thankful to have people there to try and help them. I also remember feeling guilty about catching them because I had the feeling that bride wanted someone else to catch them.
It looks very old and there is this sort of violent cut and stain in the middle where the stems of the flowers were placed. Women often keep gas and electric bills for twenty years, for no other reason than to record time and their own virtues.

I guess I’ve kept the broken umbrella in order to remember, like tying a string around your finger. I didn’t hit my head but the ambulance was called anyway and I went to the emergency room. It not only reminds me of that memory but also what became of the marriage, which ended in divorce, despite the very extravagant wedding.
By not giving it a place to be, I was the one who was always putting it in my own way and then reacting with irritation towards it. For me, this object represents expectations and reality, transience and permanence, chance and fate. It made me wonder about the family and their stories, who before Katrina, lived in the house on the beach where the fleur-de-lis fence securely surrounded them. She served to remind me that everything that comes our way in life is a gift with potential for good whether I find joy or irritation has everything to do with me.

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