Why do some guys and girls feel that they have to be in a relationship as soon as they start high school?
The ABC Family teen drama, The Secret Life of the American Teenager  is ending its fifth and final season on Monday, June 3, 2013.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager focuses many episodes on the relationship between Ricky Underwood, a bad boy womanizer, and Amy Jurgens, the innocent girl who was seduced by Ricky during marching band camp. It seems we have all found ourselves keeping secrets from those we care about at one time or another. It's a familiar scene at Adrian's condo: She and Ricky are in bed together, when her phone rings. Back at school, Ben's not too pleased about Amy's "date" with Ricky, especially since he had to hear about it from Henry.
At the Juergens household, as Amy gets ready to meet with Ricky, Ashley comes in to say she thinks Amy still has feelings for him. But Ricky and Ben (and Ashley, but that's a different story) aren't so hot on the adoption idea, and the three-way meeting quickly turns into a full-on war.
Meanwhile, Reverend Stone tells Anne about Ashley's plot to get her and George back together, but Anne puts her foot down and says that it's over between her and George, period. Which may be fine for George, because he's fallen for someone else -- well, two people: Donovan, who works for him, and Donovan's partner, Leon.
Over the last five years, this series and its actors have been nominated for 27 Teen Choice Awards and in 2008 won the award for Choice Summer TV Show. Their intimate relationship results in a teen pregnancy, the birth of their son, their choice to live together, and their engagement.
At times, each person in the relationship wants to fulfill their own individual needs without thinking much of the needs of the relationship as a whole.
Although her intentions were good, Ben is infuriated when he discovers the empty room and cannot hold his rage toward Adrian any longer.
Guest stars include Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez, Beverley Mitchell, Anne Ramsay, Paula Turbay, L. Ricky won't agree to an adoption, but he also won't drop out of school to take care of the kid himself. The gay couple wow him with a fancy home-cooked dinner and lots of chocolate cake to soften him up for their proposal: They want to adopt Amy's baby.
Ricky is becoming increasingly impatient with Amy, as she continues to hold him at bay in taking their relationship to the next level. I believe that the media promotes teen’s thoughts that being in a relationship will help them define themselves in high school.

This popular show depicts teen relationships, the tensions within the couples, and the results of the tensions within teen relationships. Throughout the series, the couple continues to learn about each other and grow as a family with many difficult times often created by their inability to communicate with each other. After an emotional blow up, Adrian is left crushed once again, while Ben’s grief threatens to lead him down a dangerous path. Scott Caldwell, Renee Olstead, Camille Winbush, Allen Evangelista, Amy Rider, Brando Eaton, Grant Harvey, Mackenzie Rosman, William R. Wallpaper images in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager club tagged: the secret life of american teenager. Molina, who's got enough problems of his own, between his new wife and all the drama at school. Too bad Anne won't be there to chaperone, 'cause she's got a date with Reverend Stone to discuss potential adoptive couples.
Meanwhile, Adrian and Ben are shopping for condos, but they can’t quite agree on one they like. What television does not do is provide a realistic view that relationships are not easy to work through, that they are always in flux with tension and that opposing personal needs will test teens’ relationships. The Secret Life of the American Teenager however, exaggerates teen relationships and in the show most of the relationships begin with the hoped for end result of having sex. Television shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager give teens the impression that keeping secrets and guarding how open one chooses to be is the only way to protect your relationship.
Meanwhile, Jack walks in on Grace and her new boyfriend Daniel kissing, and Jack reveals that he’s not over her, making Grace wonder if she still has feelings for Jack. Ricky wishes she hadn't said that, because he immediately gets a call from Grace, who wants to hang out again now that Bob's gone.
Well, OK, not her real brother, but Ruben's stepson Max, who comes to visit because he suspects Ruben's about to go back to Cindy, Adrian's mom. Ben and Ricky get into it, and then Ricky reveals that it was Amy who first asked him out at band camp. Adrian and Amy end up sharing some advice about the respective men in their lives and how to get what they want from them. Dominic Chianese (“The Sopranos”) guests stars as Grant’s father, Vic, with Shawnee Smith (“Becker”) as Grant’s mother, Carrie. This desire was mostly driven by the ambitions of the male characters, while for the female teen characters explained their need for starting a relationship was to find love and have a connection beyond the physical aspects of a relationship. In the series, Ricky fears telling Amy certain truths about his past out of fear that if she knew the truth she would not love him.

The show often overlooks the value of trusting one another with information you would not share with the rest of the world.
And Amy is upset that Adrian called Ricky – but he blows it off as if it didn’t mean anything, but did it? Hurt and upset, Jack rushes over to Grace's house and unloads his big secret on her: Ricky's been sleeping with Adrian.
Grace tells her mother she plans on sleeping over at Grant’s, while George thinks that he and Ashley both need a friend. I might have thought this was normal and expected of everyone in high school, but because my mother insisted on watching with me, much to my annoyance, we would often talk about differences between the show and reality.
It was as a result of Ricky’s secrecy that Amy grew distant from Ricky and often did not trust him. Learning to balance how open you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend and how much information you wish to keep to yourself is important to a healthy relationship.
I used to watch show when it started, the show is based on relationships and how they grow and change over time. Ricky stops long enough to tell Ben to be a man for once and just show up at Amy's house if he wants to be part of the discussion. My mom’s approach was an example of what the Media Matters campaign was designed to encourage.
According to Time Magazine, the American Academy of Pediatrics wanted to make parents aware of the influence television shows had on their children and so they began their Media Matters campaign.
In Introduction to Communication Theory the author points out that Baxter and Montgomery observed that “pressures for openness and closedness waxing and waning like phases of the moon,” Amy and Ricky’s relationship does the same. The title of the series The Secret Life of An American Teenager suggests that all teens have secret lives.
They felt that parents needed to monitor what their children watched since it could influence their decision-making and view of the world and themselves. Teens definitely have secrets and keep some information from friends and family but I don’t think to the extent the series portrays. Zwier’ thesis Just Another Teen Movie: Analyzing Portrayals of Teenage Romantic Relationships Across A Decade of Top-Grossing Teen Films , when she states, “as teens attempt to navigate their expectations and perceptions of the world, media images and storylines play a large role in shaping their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. For this very reason, it is vital to understand the messages inherent in the media produced for and watched by teens.” The communication found in teen soap operas s not the best model for teens to follow when they are involved in romantic relationships.

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