Check out a first look of the upcoming episode of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER“4-1-1?
After last week’s travesty of an episode, I honestly doubted I could ever look at the show again.
Season 4 Episode 10 – In the one-hour episode, “4-1-1,” Ricky grows increasingly upset with Amy for going through his phone, and Amy feels guilty, only to later find out it seems that everyone does it.

Unable to trust each other, Ricky decides he needs a little space and time away from Amy, but finds a former foster “brother” at his door needing his help. She’s getting even more slutty (well, as slutty as this show gets) but he wants to “figure out how we feel about each other” before they do anything. Meanwhile, even though she believes her plan to get Ricky back is working, Adrian decides to go on a date with Dante (Bow Wow), who is a friend of Grace’s boyfriend.

Although she wants to start dating again, her ulterior motive is to make Ricky jealous and choose her over the mother of his child.

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