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The fourth season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, an American television series created by Brenda Hampton, debuted on the ABC Family television network on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 8:00 PM. Ricky finds out from Ben that Amy told Adrian that they moved in together; meanwhile, Ben starts telling people that he wants out of the marriage and starts bad mouthing Ricky and Amy's relationship.
Ricky's parents find out that Ricky and Amy are living together and ask Amy and Ricky why he didn't tell them.
Amy suspects John has an ear infection and persuades Ricky that they need to take John to the hospital. Ben has a fight with Adrian after she cleared out their daughter's nursery without telling him, giving away the bear that Ben was given by his mother. Adrian has a change of heart about Ben and instead focuses her energy on getting Ricky back, which brings out Amy's insecurities.
Lauren and Madison try to convince their parents to let them go to Jesse's graduation party at his parents' lakehouse which is 50 miles away. The morning after the graduation party, Ricky asks Amy when she wants to get married, and is surprised to find that Amy is not in a big hurry to get married -- she's just happy to be engaged. Adrian tells Dante' that she has been going out with his brother, and Dante' breaks up with her. Amy argues with Ricky over her decision to attend summer school; Dylan and Ben's parents forbid them from seeing each other. Jacob (Jordan Fisher), a high school boy who grew up in rural Africa, wants to stay with Kathleen instead of going off to a boarding school. Amy is increasingly short with everyone in her life, including Ricky, leaving him wondering what is going on with her, but he is not prepared when she reveals that she might be pregnant again. Dylan and her friends surprise Ben at school, while Grace doesn't want Jacob attending her school. We're sorry, but there's no news about "The Secret Life of the American Teenager (season 4)" right now. The americans: season 2 - rotten tomatoes, The americans concluded yet another very solid season that's becoming less about spy games and more about family drama and marriage.
The second season of the american television drama series the americans aired from february 26 through may 21, 2014, on fx, and consisted of 13 episodes. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. During its third season's hiatus, ABC Family announced on January 10, 2011, that the show would be renewed for a fourth season. At school Ben is having a really bad time and tells Amy how he feels about what he said about not wanting to be a husband and having a baby.
Ricky confronts Amy about her lying to him about how her dad found out that she moved in with him but later forgives her, and they both agree to be honest with each other no matter what. While at the hospital Ricky talks to an ER nurse, he keeps calling Amy his "wife" without noticing.
Adrian surprises everyone and returns to school and, to Ben's dismay, acts like nothing is wrong. Amy's father and friends assure her that he has checked hers in the past and Ricky confirms it. Ricky is named class valedictorian but doesn't want to write the speech for the graduation ceremony which he does anyway.

Ricky, Jack, and Adrian all have brief flashbacks, thinking of their high school experiences. She and Grace hatch a plan to live together over the summer, go to summer school and not have anything to do with boys for a while. Dylan's brother Joe who dislike and jealous of Ben send Dylan's parents picture about Dylan and Ben kissing, makes another attempt to win them over, but it doesn't turn out quite like he hoped when he ends up sharing too much information about his family.
Elsewhere, Kathleen tries to understand her late husband's secrets; and an overburdened Amy acts ornery at home with Ricky (when he takes her to band camp). Amy's friends from her New York trip drop by unannounced with their 2 children, and Ricky isn't too happy at first. The doctor tells Amy and Ricky that there is nothing wrong with John only that when Amy and Ricky raise their voices John holds his hand to his ear and says '0w'. Meanwhile, Amy tries to convince Ricky to attend the graduation party but he tells her that it's going to be a special evening even if they won't go there.
However, when Alice tells him that Henry and Adrian slept together at the party, he breaks their date and angrily confronts Henry.
It is revealed that Jacob is Grace's half-brother from an affair her father, Marshall, had years ago. Adrian's mother tells Adrian that kissing Grace for shock value is not right and to think of the LGBTQ community.
Ben invites Adrian to lunch and tells her that they both need to get over Amy and Ricky, especially since there's a rumor going around school that Ricky is planning on proposing to Amy.
Henry suggests that he was seduced just like Ben was, but Ben tells him that he is no longer welcome in his home and his friend. On February 2, 2012, ABC Family announced that Secret Life was being renewed for a fifth and final season.
Adrian learns from Katelyn (the guidance counselor) if she continues with summer school she'll graduate in time for college in the fall. Elsewhere, Grace plays matchmaker for Adrian by introducing her to a pal of Daniel's named Dante. Dylan and her friends (including Raven) come to confront Ben and demand to know why he broke their date. At the end of Ricky's speech, he calls Amy up on stage and proposes to her, and she happily accepts.
Ricky has an interview at a local college, but the interview goes horribly wrong when the interviewer (Karlee Carmichael) hits on him. Tom is a little disappointed in Jack that he uses Grace's need to help people to do something with Grace. The situation gets worse when a scorned Karlee tells Katelyn that Ricky won't be getting into school there because he tried to pressure her into sex. Even though Grace tells everyone she doesn't want to go to the party since her boyfriend is so mature, she wants her mother to allow her to go there. Griffin and Peter have some relationship tension when another guy gets flirtatious with Griffin. Raven sends Daniel a camera photo of Jack and Grace kissing early that morning, and Daniel breaks up with Grace as a result. Lauren is upset when Jesse tries to give her alcohol, and insists that she's not going to drink or do anything else, even though Jesse and Madison are drinking. Grace and Jack kiss again, but Kathleen warns Jack that Grace may blame him for Daniel breaking up with her, and that he should simply be friends with Grace and start fresh in college.

Daniel stops by to meet Kathleen; she actually takes a liking to him and they end up playing a prank on Grace. Adrian admits to Ricky that she still loves him and says that one day they will have sex again so he tries to persuade her to go to a different school in the fall than he does.
Ashley returns after being away in Florida with Toby, and announces that she has been accepted at a college in Florida, smugly observing that even though she's a year behind Amy, she'll be a year ahead of her in college. Grace tries to sneak out of the house to meet Daniel but ends up in his car alone while Daniel's inside eating dinner with Kathleen.
Amy and Ashley trade insults, during which Amy declares all her dreams have come true, and Ashley meanly asks if her dreams included being a teenage mother. Jack tells Grace to kiss Adrian again if she wants to "experiment" as her mother had suggested. Omar visits Adrian in the condo where they kiss, he tells her that she won't kiss Ricky again because then she will think about him and this kiss. This prompts Daniel to go talk to Raven, and he wants to leave right after speaking with her.
Ben decides to move back in with Adrian just as friends and he tells her he'll live in the nursery. Omar agrees to leave with Daniel, over the objections of Adrian and Grace, who want to stay at the party longer. Grace continues to try to think of ways to see if she is a lesbian or if she was just curious. She comes to school looking so different that Adrian walked right past her without recognizing her. Since Henry wants to go the party together with Ben and Alice wants to hang out with Ben just like they always did on the last day of school, Alice and Henry agree that both of them shouldn't be friends with Ben.
Fern confronts Adrian about kissing a girl just to garner attention and how difficult and scary it can be to be gay, especially in high school.
Katherine, Grace's mother really misses her husband Jeff which us why she thinks about visiting him for a week in Kenya. Leo is very contented by Nora's work as his assistant and he goes out for an after-work drink with Camille. Adrian is ecstatic that she's over Ricky, but Omar is upset that she felt she had to kiss him and thinks that by doing so, she has disrespected herself and him. Before heading home, she tells Ricky that she wants to run away and get married asap because she didn't want to wait anymore.
Ricky and Amy begin to slow dance, and Ben and Jack slow dance with the now hurt and alone Adrian and Grace respectively.The next morning, Lauren goes to find Jesse, and discovers him and Madison in bed together. They both blame it on alcohol, but an upset Lauren simply ignores them and asks Ricky and Amy to take her home. Meanwhile, Jack and Raven have also had sex, but agree that it was just a casual thing that doesn't mean anything. While Adrian is dressing to leave, Alice walks in on them and suggests to Henry that Ben will probably only want to be her friend once he finds out about Henry and Adrian. Outside, Grace asks Jack if he thinks there's anything to Adrian's theory of kissing someone to see if it's over, which prompts Jack to kiss her.

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