The ABC Family series centered on a group of teenagers, portrayed Shailene Woodley, Daren Kagasoff, Megan Park and more, who attempt to pursue their hopes and dreams only to be met with roadblocks like teen pregnancy.
Woodley is perhaps the best known of the "Secret Life" crew after starring in 2011's "The Descendents" and earning a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. In the meantime, Ricky grows increasingly nervous about preparing his valedictorian speech, which is full of heartache as well as surprises.

Once graduation has commenced, the Grant High students embark on what is to be the night of their lives. Wallpaper images in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager club tagged: secret life american of the teenager. Just as the party is in full swing, Grace is stunned to see Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, while Lauren refuses to hook up with Jesse.

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