Call it a cabin-porn addiction, but it seems like a lot of us have the same dream: a cabin of our own.
The man who killed the teenager and ignited the Black Lives Matter movement explains why he’s selling the gun, what he thinks of Hillary and Trump, and why he’s the real victim. America has traditionally been run by a single business party, divided into two distinct factions. New therapies are helping athletes recover from concussions previously thought untreatable. The naked body of a foreigner was found in a hotel room in the resort city of Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast in the early hours of Sunday morning. One year ago I moved from New York City to San Francisco and learned how very different these two cities are. Spend a Friday night at home with two of the best things in the world: Disney movies and pizza. The groom grew increasingly angry with his Saudi bride after she repeatedly refused his advances in their hotel room hours after their ceremony in the city of Jeddah. On his manic pop-culture quiz show, “Billy on the Street,” Manhattan becomes a surreal funhouse, and we all live in it.
On Sunday night, a Memphis man opened fire on a woman and her three year-old daughter after she refused his advances.

The Morris Animal Inn includes a heated indoor pool, a gym equipped with canine treadmills, and dog yoga sessions. Over ten years, Magnus Hastings has photographed some of the world's most famous drag queens. Many years ago I was a freckled faced kid just out of college wondering what I was going to do with my life. I dreamt of being a chef, so the logical place to start would be enrolling in the Culinary Institute of America.
My first clue that I was in the wrong place was the guy who interviewed me wore a black suit and had on a pair of sunglasses instead of a chef’s coat with a thermometer in his pocket. For the next twenty-five years I crisscrossed the globe working on fake NASA landings, orchestrated bogus winning battles in Viet Nam and once took a shot at Castro in Cuba. My missions included international secrets, foreign intelligence and counterespionage as well as ordering take-out for the bosses down the hall. I opened a shrimp shack down in Mexico and enjoyed the Sun, the sand the surf for the next ten years.
It was a few weeks later I was subpoenaed to appear before the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and Grandstanding Politicians (HRPSCIGP). After hours of intense interrogation my answer to the Committee was terse and to the point.

Rus PishneryPanama City Food ExaminerWhen it comes to food and the culinary world, Rus Pishnery gets it. The top 10 foods to make your Memorial Day the best everEven though Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.
The Donut Whole combines dreamy treats with community vibe in Wichita, KansasThe vintage storefront is a carb-loading hangout 24 hours a day.
His eyebrow-raising book, Why Drag?, captures these 'incredible creatures' in all their glory. A past contributor to the Panama City News Herald, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Emerald Coast Magazine, Rus is currently working on his third cookbook about hunting and dining.
Titled "Terms of Endeermeat," it is destined to be a smash following his previously published "Eating Ohio." His column "Poison Berries" combines the real world, including natural disasters, political uprisings and little league baseball with food and anything gastronomic. World in Colour Christmas Special brings you the leaked Christmas wishes of leaders around the world.

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