When he was not theorizing about gravity and the speed of light, what occupied a genius like Albert Einstein? In 1955, following Einstein’s death at the age of 76, his voluminous scientific and personal papers were donated to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which he helped found in 1918.
Apart from tracking how Einstein developed his theory of general relativity and formulated his celebrated equation e=mc2, among his other notable scientific work, the correspondence also reveals his complicated love life, attitudes about fame, disdain for gossip-mongers, the awakening of his Jewish identity and his support for Zionism. Though Einstein’s parents were assimilated German Jews who thought of themselves as being “Israelites,” they did not approve of his relationship with Mileva Maric, a Serbian Eastern Orthodox Christian physicist, who he had met while studying in Switzerland.
Albert Einstein’s private papers and innermost thoughts will soon be available onlineJERUSALEM — At speeds even he could barely imagine, Albert Einstein’s private papers and innermost thoughts will soon be available online, from a rare scribble of “E=mc2” in his own hand, to political pipe-dreams and secret love letters to his mistress. Fifty-seven years after the Nobel Prize-winning physicist’s death, the Israeli university which he helped found opened Internet access on Monday to some of the 80,000 documents Einstein bequeathed to it in his will.
In May 1912, in one of the first love letters Einstein sent to Elsa, a divorced mother of two daughters, he wrote about “how much I would like to be something to you.” Even though he admitted that, “If we give in to our affection for each other, only confusion and misfortune will result. Documents in the collection trace his relations with Maric and his sons, who lived with their mother during the First World War, and the subsequent divorce proceedings.
On occasion, Einstein was quick to anger, and few issues angered him more than unsubstantiated gossip and criticism in the press. Einstein was influenced by his parents’ indifference to Jewish ritual, though as a young boy he did have an interest in religion and Judaism.
The clearest articulation of his feelings on being Jewish was a “confession” he wrote in April 1920 that was meant to remain private, but was made public five months later. Einstein was never wholly comfortable with his fame, regarding “the cult of individual personalities” as “unjustified.” Hence, he probably would not have been thrilled with this very public access to his life.

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She secretly gave birth to a little girl, Lieserl, the following January, while the couple still lived apart.
In a subsequent letter in September 1903, Einstein referred to the infant as suffering from scarlet fever. Their relationship, however, eventually faltered for the usual reasons — stress from work, money worries and another woman. On a trip to Zurich in October 1913, he confessed to her that he was no longer the same person. Among other stipulations, Einstein agreed to give to Maric 40,000 marks, along with any money he may receive for winning the Nobel Prize — which she did receive, when he won. In 1911, the Polish-born physicist Marie Curie, who lived in Paris and was the first woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize in 1903, was being considered for membership in the elitist French Academy of Sciences.
Once he moved to Berlin in 1914 to be with Elsa and become the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics, where he would remain until 1933, he could not escape the tense political climate and prevalence of anti-Semitism in Germany — despite the fact that Jews made up less than 1% of the country’s population in 1920. In this case, Einstein fell in love with his first cousin, Elsa (Einstein) Lowenthal, who he married in 1919, immediately after he divorced Maric.
Her candidacy was rejected, mainly due to nasty rumours in the right-wing Parisian press that she was Jewish (which she was not) and “thus not truly French,” as well as the fact that she was having an affair with physicist Paul Langevin, who was married (which she was). Even though I grew up with during my younger life, I learned so much more when I saw this show. The documents, which also have been translated from German into English, provide a fascinating insight into one of the most unique minds in modern history.

There is no further reference to the girl in Einstein’s papers after 1903, the year he married Maric. Instagram Life Below Zero Locked-Up-Abroad MySci-Daily-Round-Up Mysterious-Science Mysterious Science Nat-Geo-Channel Nat-Geo- Nat-Geo-Wild Channel Nature NGC Ocean People Pets Life of explores canine companions on Nat Geo WILD.
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