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Well a lot of Filipinos still believe that once a person died they will become butterflies.
I guess we still inherited some Animism belief or just a superstition even if we are already catholics. Lakapati : The goddess of fertility and the most understanding and kind of all the deities.
Diyan Masalanta : The goddess of love, conception and childbirth and the protector of lovers. Manisilat : The second agent of Sitan as she's tasked to destroy and break every happy and united family that she could find. Mangkukulam : The only male agent of Sitan as he's task to emit fire at night and when there is bad weather. Gugurang : The supreme god who dwells inside of Mount Mayon where he guards and protects the sacred fire in which Aswang, his brother was trying to steal. Aswang : The evil god who always try to steal the sacred fire of Mount Mayon from his brother, Gugurang. Bakunawa : A gigantic sea serpent deity who is often considered as the cause of eclipses.
Magwayen : The goddess of the sea who is believed to take the souls of the dead in Sulad (Ancient Visayan counterpart of Hell).
Kan-Laon : The supreme god worshiped by the Ancient Visayans who lived in the Negros Islands that dwells in Mount kanlaon. Nagined, Arapayan, and Makbarubak : God who could be appealed to when concocting poisonous oil.

Sidapa : The god of death who is said to reside on top of Mount Madia-as in province of Antique.
Mangechay or Mangacha - The great elder, is said the creator of the Heavens, it is said that she is the 'net weaver' with the sky as her weaved fabric and at night the stars that shine are the fabric holes.
Aring Sinukuan – The Kapampangan sun god of war and death, taught the early inhabitants the industry of metallurgy, wood cutting, rice culture and even waging war. Lakandanup – Son of Aring Sinukuan, the god of gluttony and represents the sun at noon time. Gatpanapun – Son of Aring Sinukuan, the noble who only knew pleasure, his name means 'afternoon' in Kapampangan language. Sisilim – The child of Apung Malyari, she represent dusk and greeted by the songs of the cicada upon her arrival, her name means dusk or early evening in Kapampangan language. Galura - The winged assistant of Aring Sinukuan, he is represented by a giant eagle and believed to be the bringer of storms. Magbabaya (The Ruler of All) - The supreme god who has minor gods and goddesses beneath him to do specific jobs and take care of certain things, he is also the god of the west. Ibabasok - He watches over the crops and their growth in a simple ceremony at the center of the rice field. Dagingon – They worship this deity in an elaborated celebration complete with songs and dances which will last for nine nights during planting and after harvest seasons. Tumpaa Nanapiyaw or Intumbangol - Watches the base of the earth night and day lest it crumbles. They're still practiced in many theatres in Bali and Java, they become part of our culture (be sure to get one for souvernir while being here, hehe), Malaysian also have this because of migration of Javanese to Malaysia in past but they can never match the real deal hahahaha and most of theirs is only the thin leather ones not dolls. I am part Ilocano and we call our catholic religious like Mary as 'Apo Baket' instead of Anito or the goddess of other Ilocano Animist.

In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it. My grandmother used to tell me lol that my grandpa visits us because she saw this huge brown butterfly in our house or my great-grandmother etc. Some tribes during the pre-Spanish era believed in a single supreme being alongside with the lesser divinities who created the world and everything in it while others chose to worship a multitude of trees as an act of anmism.
Whenever people disobey his orders, wishes and commit numerous sins, he would cause Mount Mayon to burst lava as a sign of warning for people to mend their crooked ways. In ancient times, Ancient Visayans blamed her for sending armies of locusts to destroy their harvests.
I don't think they practice it as much as we do, when i was in Malaysia i didn't get any of these at all. There is also a ritual dance named after her as it is performed to be a counter-measure against Bakunawa.
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