Evan (Samuel Johnson) and Alex (Claudia Karvan) play 'dirty word’ scrabble with a subtext. The friendship between Evan and Alex gives season one of The Secret Life of Us the 'URST’, or unresolved sexual tension, beloved of many a TV script department. All materials on the site, including but not limited to text, video clips, audio clips, designs, logos, illustrations and still images, are protected by the Copyright Laws of Australia and international conventions.
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Thanks to the generosity of the rights holders, we are able to offer this clip in an embeddable format for personal or non-commercial educational use in full form on your own website or your own blog. The Secret Life of Us traces the often tumultuous life of a group of friends in their mid-twenties who live in a St Kilda apartment building and are all looking for the same thing - love, sex, romance and success. Samuel Johnson has announced that he would be retiring from acting to pursue his charity work raising money for cancer research. The star of The Secret Life Of Us and recently Molly, Channel 7's miniseries on the life of Molly Meldrum, Johnson has a long history of charity work. Posting to the Love Your Sister page Johnson said: “I think this is the best place for me to announce my retirement from acting, after nearly 25 years!
For Johnson there is no either or, his fundraising is what is most important to him and he can't achieve his goal while distracted by acting. Today jurors in the Boston Marathon bombing case may learn more about what prosecutors call Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's "hidden" side with testimony from the FBI about the accused bombera€™s secret online life -- one that embraced radical extremism and sent out an ominous message about the marathon in 2012.

Ita€™s through tweets like these that prosecutors hope to undercut the defense argument that a€?Jahar spent most of his time on the Internet doing things that teenagers do: Facebook, cars, girls," as his defense attorney Judy Clarke insisted in her opening statement last week. The government hinted that it would reveal Dzhokhar Tsarnaeva€™s own alleged obsession with extremism in its opening statements.
FBI Special Agent Kimball laid out part of that life Monday, the third day of Tsarnaeva€™s trial. A tweet that he sent from that account a year earlier a€“ on April 16, 2012 a€“ Kimball told the court, could be interpreted as a threat against marathon organizers. Anwar al-Awlaki, to whom Tsarnaev allegedly encouraged his few online followers to listen, was an American high-profile member of al Qaeda who was linked to a number of domestic terror plots. Under cross examination, the defense attempted to paint a majority of Tsarnaeva€™s purported tweets as harmless. The second, secret Twitter account was under the name Ghuraba, which loosely translates as the Muslim word for strangers, and showed a picture of the Chechen capital Grozny a€“ which the defense said had been misidentified by Kimball as the Muslim holy city of Mecca. Jurors also saw for the first time today images of the note that Tsarnaev wrote on the boat. Obtained by ABC NewsThis image, obtained exclusively by ABC News, appears to show the anti-American message allegedly written by Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the wall of a boat in which he hid just before being arrested last year. The defense also pointed out today that Tsarnaev apparently wasn't the only one with access to at least one of the accounts. By using the website you agree to comply with the terms and conditions described elsewhere on this site. The problem is they haven't worked out how to get it yet - so they make it up as they go along. He helped set up Breast Cancer charity Love Your Sister back in 2012, riding around Australia on a unicycle to raise money after his sister was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Cancer is the last true riddle of our time (not of our doing) and I wanna be part of the push to solve it once and for all. April 15, 2013, roughly two hours after he detonated the pressure cooker bomb that prosecutors said killed college student Lingzi Lu and eight-year-old Martin Richard. A sequence of events see the pair inch closer to resolving their feelings before scriptwriters throw yet another obstacle in their path – be it opposing attitudes (Evan is a player and Alex a romantic), denial of their own feelings, poor timing or geographical separation. Exploring sympathetic themes and establishing a recognised trifecta of homelife, lovelife and worklife their experiences become a salient reminder that despite the struggle, juggle and balance of these things - friendship is what remains. A video shown in court yesterday captures the moment when that bomb exploded and Dzhokhar hustled away in the chaos, pushing people out of the way as he fled the scene. The one that prosecutors indicated was an ominous tweet about the 2012 marathon was actually a line from the Quran, the defense said. Kelly (Deborah Mailman) and Evan (Samuel Johnson) welcome wacky hairdresser Bree (Brooke Harman) into their life and Kelly finds a new friend in Corey (Aaron Pederson). Christian (Michael Dorman) and Stu (Stephen Curry) come to blows over a painful secret and Nicki (Anna Torv) discovers Adam (Nicholas Coghlan) has an eight year-old son. Featuring guest stars: Sullivan Stapleton, Angus Sampson, Diana Glenn, Ben Mendelsohn, Ryhs Muldoon and Nadine Garner.

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