Here you can watch The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty 2013 movie online, download The Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie for free. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty 2013 avi, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty 2013 mpeg, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty 2013 divx. After seeing the movie last night, I have to recommend it to anyone who’s into photography.
Although Ben Stiller is the titled star, the real stars for me were the stunning cinematography (Stuart Dryburgh), and the endearing story of the end of the era of film.
From the first frames, the film has beautifully composed shots, excellent use of depth of field, and some truly stunning scenery.
Adding to the look and feel, the theme of the movie revolves around the end of the film era, featuring Sean Penn as the last of a dying bread of pro photographers who insist on using real film for their work.
Walter’s quest to find him, off the grid to the modern world, leads the viewer through some truly stunning locations, and gripping stories.
When he eventually tracks him down, on top of a mountain in Afghanistan, he is (of course) shooting film on his trusty Nikon.

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Welcome to F-SunnyThis blog describes my view of the photographic world, both film and digital, and chronicles a journey of discovery, image by image. Mitty’s another story revolves around his office where he has a crush over Cheryl Melhoff(Kristen Wiig) his co-worker and is ridiculed by his colleagues.
For a movie which has been in gestation from 1994 and after many rewrites it should have been of a different level. The story of life magazine which was acquired by Time magazine and now exists only in an online archival format. An otherwise imaginative Mitty begins to live his life when he jumps of a helicopter into the freezing sea infested with sharks. Screenwriter Steve Conrad has taken the germ of the idea from James Thurber’s short story and the 1947 film of the same name. The fairly wide shots Mitty skateboarding in Greenland and the aerial shots when he scales the upper Himalayas will be visually remembered.

The manager of acquisition Ted Hendricks (Adam Scott) is in charge of the downsizing and responsible for Life’s online transition. He has adapted the idea to his style which neither is as funny as the previous version nor as inspirational as Conrad thought to be in his version.
As mentioned before, the movie is neither entirely comical nor adventurous and which is why the movie failed to leave a mark. The moment of the film is when Mitty finds Sean over the Himalayas, waiting to click the picture of a Snow Leopard which is supposedly to be seen.

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