According to Andy Baio, a Portland, Oregon-based computer programmer who has spent years tracking when and how Oscar screeners leak, a watermark showed DeGeneres' name. That doesn't mean that DeGeneres herself was foolish enough to seed file-trading platforms with an illegal copy of Walter Mitty. Ellen DeGeneres reps add that they aren't certain whether Walter Mitty leaked from their show or not.

Baio says he will wait until Academy Award nominees are announced to update his annual spreadsheet of piracy statistics. Instead, it appears as though a copy of the film was sent to The Ellen DeGeneres Show before a visit from Ben Stiller on December 4.
According to Baio, Oscar screeners for Her, Frozen and The Wolf of Wall Street also appeared online on Wednesday.

In 2012, after examining a decade worth of data, he observed that leaks of Oscar screeners were on the downswing but that people were uploading alternative DVD or Blu-ray rips earlier than ever.

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