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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in this version is about a Walter Mitty that day dreams all the time and works in the negative assets department of Life magazine.
This is based off a true story turned into a memoir, which then was picked up and developed into this movie. It still tries to portray the Biebs as down to earth with everyone against him, but recent news shows that this is definitely not the case.
For their final issue, the magazine wants a particular photo as the cover but when it goes missing, Walter goes in search of the photo and changes his life.
So it’s hard to say how much of this movie is actually based on real life and how much is just romanticized to make it a better story.
Thurber said that he got the idea for Mitty from the character created by Benchley in a series of shorts that he made for Fox and MGM, respectively, in the 1920s and 1930s.
HOWEVER, this is the second movie based off of the short story of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and has the same title. The only redeeming thing about this that I can see is that it has Rinko Kikuchi from Pacific Rim.
In the late 80s, Jordan Belfort started his own company and achieved great wealth by selling penny stocks and conning people into buying the fake stocks. Two boxing rivals that only met in two bouts 30 years ago, have their rivalry resurface during a creation of a fight for a video game (which sounds like super lame excuse for a variety of reasons).

But as what usually happens, things start to come crashing down as the FBI starts to investigate. Once the demand for them to finish their rivals hits the public they start to train for their final fight against each other. Also strange is while the director of the first Justin Bieber movie did this one as well, Jon M. This movie was also originally supposed to be released in November but long run time and unfinished editing forced it to come out on Christmas, pushing out an action movie that might have played better at the time.
Chu seemed to have gotten out of dance movies to graduated to action movies as he directed G.I. But the sad part is that a remake has been in development for a while, and because of all the rights transfers, the original movie wasn’t available to own until just this month. As they are talking, Rosalind is shown putting her dress back on and buttoning it all the way to the neck.
His dream becomes true when he accidentally meets a mysterious woman who hands him a little black book.
According to her, it contains the locations of the Dutch crown jewels hidden since World War II.
Pierce (uncredited)Raoul Freeman known as Department Head (uncredited)Joel Friedkin known as Mr. Follinsbee (uncredited)William Haade known as Conductor (uncredited)John Hamilton known as Dr.
Pritchard-Mitford (uncredited)Sam Harris known as Sidewalk Extra (uncredited)Harry Harvey Jr.

Wilson known as Police Desk Sergeant (uncredited)Beal Wong known as Headwaiter in Chinese Restaurant (uncredited)Harry Woods known as Wrong Mr. Kaye gives a brilliant and hysterical performance as thehighly imaginative Walter Mitty, who escapes his own real life and pictureshimself as a whole new person, whether it’s a hat designer, professionalgambler, a war hero, surgeon, etc. Yet his imagination is no longer fictionwhen a real life event and adventure takes place in the dull, but uniquelife of Walter Mitty.Anyhow, I was really surprised at this movie. I thought it was going to beboring, because 1947 is 34 years before I was born, but I was reallyimpressed by this movie. As a matter of fact, I thought it was A LOTfunnier than a few comedy films they have these days. Boris Karloff and Konstantin Shayneare delightfully unctuous villains (Fun Fact: their henchman, HenryCorden, later became the voice of Fred Flintstone!).
Cuando su trabajo y el de su companera se ven amenazados, decide actuar en el mundo real y emprende un viaje en una aventura mas extraordinaria de lo que nunca habia imaginado”.?Habeis estado alguna vez dentro de un volcan? Cuando su trabajo y el de su companera se ven amenazados, pasara a la accion en la vida real y se embarcara en un viaje mundial que se convertira en una aventura mas emocionante que cualquiera que hubiera imaginado”.?Que os parece este nuevo trailer de La vida secreta de Walter Mitty? Cuando su trabajo y el de su companera (Kristen Wiig) se ven amenazados, Walter actua en el mundo real y se embarca en un viaje mundial que se convierte en una aventura mas extraordinaria que lo que nunca se habia imaginado”.?Con que aventura sonais?
Aqui teneis el trailer de la pelicula original (que estaba basada en un corto de James Thurber):La fecha de estreno de The Secret Life of Walter Mitty es el 25 de diciembre de 2013.

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