On Adrian's past: "You learn more of Adrian's backstory about why she's so into the sex and why it's not so dramatic for her like most people," said Francia. Sad news for fans of Life Unexpected today: The CW has officially announced that it will NOT order any additional episodes of the teen drama.
As a result, it will go off the air following its 13th episode of this season and is very unlikely to return.
This week on the awkward, drawn-out drama also known as The Secret Life of the American Teenager, everybody found out that Ben knocked up Adrian.  Everyone, that is, except for Ben’s girlfriend, Amy. Perhaps it’s because Grace is annoying.  While she is a well-intentioned, very sweet girl, she needs to stop pushing her beliefs on other people.
Is Dylan worried that this is the end of her relationship with Ben on The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Amy and Ricky are pictured here on the third season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In "Who Do You Trust," Adrian is officially on bump watch and we finally get to see some progression in the relationship between Amy and Ricky. I actually found Adrian and Ben to be a cute couple until they started constantly comparing themselves to Amy and Ricky. I don't understand why all of these kids are debating if they wanna twist somebody and talking about it with their parents.
However, I cannot imagine myself having the conversation that Grace had with her mother when I was in high school.

News quotes insiders who believe the network will replace the show with Secret Circle, a new show based on the witch-based book series written by LJ Smith, the author of The Vampire Diaries.
I guess it's not everyday that teenagers see their peers pregnant, but don't you think this crew would be kinda used to it by now? Even though they've actually already taken that step - you know when he knocked her up, right?
This sends him into a wave of panic and instead of just heading to the clinic, he proceeds to ask the entire female student body if they're "clean." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I get that the premise of the show is that parents should talk to their children about sex.
Girls obsess about sex behind closed doors with their friends, not over cookies in the kitchen with their mothers. Either they got their relationship to work and failed or their flirtationship was their peak, though some were just taken away. This Throwback Thursday, we're looking at some of the teen dramas that you couldn't get enough of, no matter how old you were. But no, suddenly she’s lecturing Jack about safe sex.  Speaking of which, why does she hate Grace so much? If you ask a pregnant woman if she is having twins, when in fact she is not, you are going to experience a serious wrath. At least not until they're in their 20s and it's no longer a shocking secret that their kids are not virgins.

But there's always that question in the back of my mind, like, he is the father, so could he be my boyfriend one day? Of course this segued into the PSA of the episode, which is that everyone should tested (it's true). Granted, I'm fairly sure I learned everything about the birds and the bees through my older siblings and perverted friends - but there should still be an open dialogue of sorts.
There's a lot drama just in the sense that my boyfriend, Ben, gets very jealous of Ricky because he's at my house every night taking care of the baby. Amy is a teen mother, Ricky is the father of her baby and there is a lot to be explored there. With all of that said and done, readers, go get yourself tested if you are sexually active. It's better to be safe than sorry and end up like Jack who apparently had a little somethin' somethin' happening below the belt.

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