Why did you become a keeper? I've always loved animals and grew up with pets in the house (cats, rabbits, dogs, rats). Wildlife Connections is a NEW project led by Chester Zoo to create safe spaces for our most precious local wildlife. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.
A huge new street-art mural has been unveiled in Shoreditch for the release of new Tom Clancy video game The Division. The design took five days to paint on the Shoreditch Art Wall on Great Eastern Street, and depicts a crumbling New York skyline, echoing the story of the game.

The long-awaited RPG-shooter sees New York hit by a biological attack, causing society to collapse, with players taking on the role of an elite sleeper agents who steps up to return control to the city. The bespoke graffiti was created by High Rise Murals and members of creative organisation Monorex, who also designed hundreds of pieces of art for the game’s world.
Before being unveiled, the mural was covered up in fake dollar bill bank notes, with passers-by encouraged to rip them off to reveal the art beneath it – in the outbreak of the game, the virus is initially spread through the exchange of bank notes during the Black Friday sales.
Giraffes, Okapi, Babirusa, Asian small clawed otter, Malayan tapirs, Congo buffalo, red river hogs, southern pudu, red forest duiker, Persian onagers, Bactrian camels, Philippine spotted deer. Living 2 miles away from a local zoo and carrying out my work experience there gave me my first taste of a zoo keeper.

I helped one of our conservation partners, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation  conduct their first ever census of the Rothschild giraffe in the park.

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