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The story of Mind Game is about a guy who was never able to properly tell his sweetheart that he loved her and wanted to marry  her. My biggest problem with Mind Game can be summarised through something it was clearly lacking. Mind Game feels like a college art project movie, which may sound appealing to some people.
Nobody was there to tell him that the live-action integration looked awful and added nothing to the scene either, and instead made the swap to more free form character outlines look even worse. There’s a neat little story about rebirth and taking a second shot at life in Mind Game, but it would have been better suited for something 30 minutes long, possibly as part of some artsy anthology. In addition to its outstanding themes about living life without hesitation and superlatively concepted and animated scenes, I can’t disagree with Scamp more about Mind Game.
When I first saw this film, I really enjoyed the slice of life in the opening of the film, I thought it was sad and sweet and relateable.

I loved that he had no image so whatever the main character was thinking at the time it would randomly and continuously warp into something new. The man shouts and jumps up and down whether he’s happy, angry, lustrous, sad or bored.
I agree with your general assessment of what anime can be, but those things are not what Mind Game is. Yes empty statement but many people watch movies they like 3 or more times without automatically becoming an authority on it.
Then the yakuza guys come in and it turns into a 14-year-old’s fantasy which really pissed me off. He is sort of sarcastic and unsympathetic to the main character’s plight because what makes him any different from the other people who died today. Someone who could take the completed storyboards, march into Yuasa’s office, stand him up and ask him why does this scene need to be in this movie.
I’ll probably offend some sakuga aficionados with this but I really dislike the artstyle used in Mind Game. But the more I see, the less I am impressed by the uniqueness of his directing style and the more I get irritated with how obtrusive it can get to simply telling the story. This hyper-verisimilitude, this inseparable fusion of action and creative fantasy, is the absolute strength of animation that conventional anime seldom take advantage of, either constrained by effort or imagination, but a well Yuasa freely taps into at will, which is what makes him such a great anime director IMO.
Kaiba is one of my favourite anime of all time despite its poor ending, and rewatching it earlier this year cemented that impression.

However God comes along in possibly the weirdest interpretation of God ever and our main character gets a second shot at life. Why is this extended sequence of girls jumping on top of bamboo shoots coming out of the main character and an old man’s penis need to be in this movie. There’s too much faff and what funny bits there may be are outnumbered by bad jokes and boob grabbing. There comes a point where your character turn into bad Picasso paintings that you’ve sacrificed too much to achieve the fluidity of movement you desire.
This time meaning he has the courage to grab the girl by the breasts and grab the gun between his butt cheeks. When Yuasa mumbles that he supposes the scene doesn’t need to be in this movie, this hypothetical person should then slap him around the head and tell him to start paying more attention to pacing and structure and less to sticking in visions from his dreams after he had spent the entire night masturbating. The best sequence in the movie is our main character speeding away from the Yakuza because it’s the exciting burst the movie needed with quickfire visual jokes.
The entire segments before and especially after with being eaten by the whale feel like nobody was there to tell him to move on.
It doesn’t look good in Mind Game because every character always looks like parallelograms sumo wrestling.

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