The Secret of Monkey Island is one of the most beloved adventure games of all time, and with good reason. The Secret of Monkey Island has a special place in the museum of videogames for its quick wit, its personality, and the way it surprises us at every turn. The cosmetic upgrades are well done, but even if you're old school you can toggle between the modern and retro visuals at will.
The new art is slick, particularly the water, but the animation isn't very smooth -- likely a choice on the developer's part to match the original game. The catchy original tunes have been enhanced, ambient sound effects have been added, and the voice acting is great. The adventure will last you five to ten hours, but there isn't anything to explore once the credits have rolled. But it's also an expertly-crafted enterprise that serves as a shining example of how to make a compelling point-and-click game.

This Special Edition is a suitable homage to the original, offering both the retro experience and a slick new HD version with full voice acting.
If you've never discovered The Secret of Monkey Island for yourself do not hesitate to download this version and find out why so many gamers hold it dear to their hearts. If you have played the game but it's been a while, note that the new art and voice over are the only new things to find here.
He has come to Melee Island seeking his fame and fortune, and before his tale is through he'll have pointed and clicked on every man, woman, beast, and object in sight. Working your way through the game is a matter of talking to people, picking up items, and using them in peculiar combinations. Characters are animated in the same herky jerky way as the original, as though the updated visuals have merely been drawn over the old game.
The soundtrack has also been revamped -- although, again, it's a treat to hear the original, tinny midi tunes.

Ambient sound effects have been added to nearly every scene, and when you switch back to the retro game it often seems eerily quiet.
You may be stuck somewhere, only to realize you were expected to click on a piece of wood that is indistinguishable from any other. This is particularly problematic when you arrive at Monkey Island later in the game and have to navigate the jungle from a bird's-eye view.
There are locations to investigate in the wilderness but you'll only find them if you happen to mouse over them.

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