Hollywood loves to turn back the clock, often lending the past an idealized, romantic pantina and reveling in its style.
Check out Julia Roberts on the set of The Secret In Their Eyes yesterday in Pasadena with her husband, Danny Moder, and a fringe. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were out last night in New York at the Phoenix House Public Service Award Dinner, noteworthy because… how long has it been since we’ve seen them on a carpet together? Kyle Chandler, our beloved Coach Taylor, last night in NYC… as Parenthood, from the same showrunner who brought us Friday Night Lights, came to an end. Jennifer Lopez was being her stunning self on the red carpet at the TCA Fox all-star winter party.

This is because my aunt was in love with him, and therefore I was trained from a young age to worship the Stamos.
John’s most recent outing with the iconic California band was this weekend in Honolulu.
Jane Lynch hit up the HBO Luxury Lounge this week to pick up some sweet swag before the Golden Globes. Which is why I was so excited when these photos of the former Full House star performing with The Beach Boys popped up. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht.

The Cocaine Cowboys documentaries are hood classics that uncovers the infamous cocaine cowboys of the 80s. The Red 2 star is set to play Griselda Blanco, a prostitute who worked her was up the ranks of the Cocaine Cowboys to be the kingpin. Because, as she’s said several times, all the time, it has to be really, really, really special for her to leave her kids.

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