Legendary bodybuilder Steve Reeves became a world famous movie star with the 1958 Italian film Fatiche di Ercole, Le, known in the U.S. Stallone saw Reeves in a movie, came out of the theatre pumped up, and decided right then and there to become fit. Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote, “Steve Reeves is a great man and has contributed much to the sport of bodybuilding. Story is Reeves went into a showroom in Beverly Hills in 1977, saw the car and asked to buy it.
He was told no, (How do you tell Hercules no???) that the car was on hold for actor Rock Hudson. Reeves said he knew Hudson was out of the country shooting a movie, and said to sell the car to him and get another for Hudson.
I asked him to let me buy the car, but said he could keep it for the festival and I’d pick it up after it. Furthermore, I added, fix the car up, repaint it, and make it something Reeves would be proud of and his fans would love to see.
This win-win-win appealed to the owner and he agreed to sell me Steve’s car on the spot.
It’s not win-lose but win-win when you think of what the other person wants and also keep in mind what you want. I’ve never thought of myself as a master of negotiation, but I do know that if I get what I want, and the other person gets what they want, and anyone else involved is happy, then I contribute peace to the world.
Doing so will save me on postage and custom taxes since hose books are actually sent from the U.K. On the same note, it is only fitting that a legend such as yourself goes ahead and takes care of Steve’s Jaguar.

I was reading this post because I just sent an email to Suzanne and you yesterday and I’d like to attract you to do some work with me. Joe main website, where you can learn his original methods for using the Law of Attraction in business and life. He wanted to show the car at the upcoming Steve Reeves Film Festival, but needed to make room in his home for another car he bought for himself.
Steve’s fans deserve to see the car looking pristine (which would also make the man putting on the event look good).
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We hunted down his version of The Thief of Bagdad and are considering the name Blue Rose Productions as a label.
His natural approach to fitness and the classic physique remain valid, though most people seeking muscle today are seeking mutant size gains at the expense of health. I have books by and about him, including some very scare and expensive biographies, such as the rare Steve Reeves: Worlds to Conquer. I used to be in the Jaguar Club and they are some beauties!That’s aewsome that you are making your vision come true.
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