Reubens, the famed creator and performer of Pee-wee, shared the press release for the project on his website yesterday with no shortage of enthusiasm. Apatow is also working with co-writer Paul Rust on a Netflix (AHHHHHH!) series called Love, which will star Rust and his wife-to-be Leslie Arfin. Pee Wee has been a part of American culture for over thirty years now, originating on the stages of LA improv troupe The Groundlings, graduating to a series of successful stage runs in LA, and ultimately getting picked up for 1981 HBO special The Pee-wee Herman Show.

These performances are far more entertaining than Meghan Trainor pratfalling on Jimmy Fallon. The 1st Annual Cape Cod Comedy Weekend is coming to the Cape Cod Irish Village Thursday May 12 through Saturday May 14.
Highlighting tracks from some of our favorite artists who are coming to town or releasing new albums in May.

Those handsome Jeffery brothers we all know and love as Atlas Genius were RadioBDC Studio B on April 20, 2016.

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