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Secret places, little known details and behind the scenes moments are being revealed on social media as part of Museum Week. Haven't heard of it? So far, there have been 98,859 tweets and 304,328 retweets as of March 23, 2016, according to #MuseumWeek's website. In 2015, there were 2,825 institutions that signed up to participate, according to MuseumWeek's website. The Parrish Art Museum and Guild Hall in The Hamptons are both on board and will be contributing daily for #MuseumWeek. Posted by the Noguchi Museum on Instagram: "Our exhibitions team still uses this hydraulic lift, here with #IsamuNoguchi and his crew during installation at his Stable Gallery show in April 1959.
Posted by Moma PS1 on Instagram: "Today #MuseumWeek kicks off on Twitter with a day dedicated to sharing behind-the-scene glimpses of our museums. Because i never mentioned your name and never actually implied that you labelled the images, i know you didn't. Is it me are does it seem like we are getting better pics of Mars it almost seems as if they want us to find things?
The problem is that there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of images and only a handful of people willing to take the time to search.

Honestly, they could advertise apartments on Mars in the Martian Hilton and it would NOT impact you one jot. The other REALLY big issue is that people still believe that NASA is the ONLY space program Do you realize how big Space Command is?
Then there are thousands of posts from people who react and have never read the thread nor followed the links to check it out themselves. The 'implication' is that we already sent teams to Mars and I used 'Alternative 3' as an example..
One idea it seems is that NASA is purposely allowing these to be released as a means as a "gentle" method of disclosure.
I think this is very important to figure out, for if we could figure out WHY they would release these, then we could know if they have substance.
You have to ask yourself, if there was once a civilisation on Mars, why would that be their only evidence that they leave for other races to find? Long before anyone saw a face on Mars looking towards us, there was a plan to build a face on Earth. The vast set of earthworks – sadly never realized – would have depicted a giant human face centered on a nose that was a pyramid a mile long. I've always wondered myself if they knew what they were releasing and I think a very good example would be the Mars face.

The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
It's a fun way to show off your own museum stories as well discover museums that goes beyond what's possible from a single point of view. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. As of today (March 31, 2016), the Twitter site had 108,000 followers and there were 16,049 followers on Instagram. To make the social media event a fun one, there's a different theme for each of the seven days. The video presents the artist crying out "I am a worm and you are a flower!" audibly as she swims nude in an incandescent lava bath.
When it was exhibited in Zurich in 1994, it was placed at the foot of a Madonna and Child sculpture to emphasize the religious notion of damnation.

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