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Bob Collins has been with Minnesota Public Radio since 1992, emigrating to Minnesota from Massachusetts.
For those that are wondering, there are 2 more flat-topped military ships in the background. The people who did this knew exactly what the truth was, and deliberately altered it so as to inflame the GOP’s hyper-paranoid base. That sounds so much better, only three of the four active carriers are stuck due to lack of funding. I know there is an effort to move some or most of the Norfolk nuclear vessels to the Kings Bay Base on the St.
Budgets are no excuse for negligence in security, there’s more than one port, floating barges, etc. There is ONLY one port on the east coast that can accommodate a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Whenever there are budget cuts, politicians immediately claim that the cuts will first affect police, fire, and other critical services.
Yet we the public blindly parrot each side’s rhetoric, cheerfully attacking each other as proxies for actual political dialogue. At least one side, I suspect figured the consequences of across-the-board cuts would cause both sides to blink, and negotiate a compromise.

The sequestration involves a maximum of 5% budget cut for military and certainly did not begin in December. Don’t you wish people would research something like this before they get all paranoid? There is only one port in the Atlantic capable of homeporting at the moment and that’s Norfolk.
It was the homeport of the Kennedy until it was decommissioned, but according to the Navy it is not capable of porting a nuclear class aircraft carrier without dredging and construction of nuclear maintenance facilities. While I doubt the Russians (or the Chinese, for that matter) would declare war on us today, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they both know at all times where our ships are.
Technology has developed way beyond that new-fangled 1941 thing called radar, where the operators thought the blob on the screen was either a glitch or the expected incoming B17 formation, so turned off the machine and went home. This is an invaluable service to those people who both read MPR and think that everything on the internet must be completely and totally true. There were only about 50,000 other such claims put out today, so please don’t break for lunch, lest some random email slip through your net. Of course this is spun to try to make it appear as though the sequester is the fault of someone other than the President himself, when, in fact, the sequester was the administration’s idea in the first place. The show will return to Manhattan’s 69th Street Armory on November 9th and is said to feature more than 152 models and 92 sets of Angel wings. Katy Perry, The Black Eyed Peas, Sting and Seal, all put on stellar performances at previous shows, we wonder what acts are on deck this time around.
I assume you’re referring to the law requiring the Navy to maintain 11 aircraft carriers.

Ever meet someone that’s been to ports in Florida or South Carolina and taken pics of docked carriers?
Norfolk is the hub of the majority of our Naval assets on the Eastern seaboard, as well as holding the support and logistics facilities to maintain them. You can hook it up to servers; I would suggest code is if want to pay less (take the risk of trouble) on older models. It DOES, however, suck for us, because traffic is horrible and there isn’t enough parking. For anyone that thinks that could possibly happen- I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. Many sailors moved out of apartments or homes, have cars in storage and already set up mortgage and phones and bills.
Since they are now cancelled, only delayed indefinitely, they could have to leave suddenly if the budget impasse is solved.
Living arrangements, help with temporary storage, temporary transportation…many of them do not have local family or a support system. Not surprisingly, the story was changed, the picture was attached, and the Internet did its thing.

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