This four part series, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, explores how drawing has shaped our lives.
Continuing the idea of Betty Edwards, the authors show that the painting - it's a skill, like reading and writing.
Michael Mosley embarks on an informative and ambitious journey exploring how the evolution of scientific understanding is intimately interwoven with society's historical path. David Hockney became gripped by a desire to find out how the artists of the past had managed to depict the world around them so accurately and vividly. For two years, he sacrificed his own time as an artist to follow this mystery trail, obsessively tracking down the hidden secrets of the Old Masters. The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb is a 1993 stop-motion animated film made by bolexbrothers, and funded by the BBC, La Sept, producer Richard Hutchinson and Manga Entertainment, which also distributed the film on video. The story follows the tiny Tom Thumb as he is abducted from his loving parents and taken to an experimental laboratory, and his subsequent escape. The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb was made using a combination of stop-motion animation and pixilation (live actors posed and shot frame-by-frame), often with live actors and puppets sharing the frame. The latest UFO files have been released from the government's Ministry of Defence - they're the people who look after the country's security and safety.

The government used to have a UFO Desk, with officers who would investigate UFO sightings - like this unusual object seen in the sky. Explore the BBC CBBC Newsround CBBC iPlayer CBBC on TV Bitesize Radio CBeebies Stay Safe CBBC Help Make It Digital Food Music Nature Local Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Policy Cookies Accessibility Help Parental Guidance Contact the BBC Copyright © 2016 BBC. The programme covers the Rennaissance, the Eastern way, Turner, Constable and contemporary artists Anthony Gormley and Richard Long.
Andrew looks at the satire of Gillray, Goya and Hogarth and its influence on photojournalism, American comics, Japanese Manga and Hollywood storyboards today.
The programme uses the latest developments in cognitive science to examine why we draw the way we do.
From Leonardo to Libeskind, he shows how drawing has been a crucial tool in the history of scientific and technological discovery. And that in many situations it may play an equally important role in human life and in culture. Though it draws its title character from the fairy tale Tom Thumb, the story and setting is substantially different, depicting Tom as a fetus-like child living in a grim and squalid urban environment. He discovers a community of similarly-sized people living in a swamp, who help him on his journey to return to his parents.

It was originally commissioned as a 10 minute short for BBC2's Christmas programming, but was rejected for being too dark for the festive season. Most sightings could be explained as everyday objects such as aircraft, balloons or reflected lights. Another photo from the Ministry of Defence shows what could be a flying saucer snapped above some trees.
The UFO Desk investigated more than 10,000 sightings between 1950 and 2009, when it closed. The film is largely dialogue-free, limited mostly to grunts and other non-verbal vocalizations. The short version nevertheless garnered critical acclaim through showings at animation festivals, and a feature-length version was commissioned by the BBC a year later.

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