The Adventist's way of life involves a mostly plant-based diet, regular exercise and a commitment to celebrate the Sabbath as the day of rest.A long-term study, which started in 1976, involving 34,000 members of the church, concluded that their lifestyle added a significant number of years to the average lifespan. Peter Bowes reported on the community of Loma Linda California for the BBC's Heart and Soul programme. Donald Trump says if elected US president he would be willing to meet North Korea's leader face-to-face to discuss its nuclear programme.
You could pay a fortune for gym membership, or you could trudge down to your local swimming pool and spend the rest of the day smelling faintly of chlorine. But the best exercise of all might be the easiest and the cheapest: a stroll in the park, or a country ramble.
The result for most of us is highly stressful; we get irritable and depressed, and even physically ill (because high levels of stress mean higher risk of things like heart disease and diabetes). The notion that nature does you good is one of the themes of this year's Springwatch series on BBC 2. Bill Oddie, one of the Springwatch presenters and an enthusiastic bird-watcher, suffers from depression. Scientific support for Bill's beliefs comes from Dr William Bird, who combines a career as a GP with a part-time role as health adviser to Natural England.
Last year he produced a report for Natural England and the RSPB arguing that contact with nature and green space has a positive effect on mental health, especially among children.
Dr Bird is urging his fellow GPs to prescribe regular walks and exercise in green spaces for patients suffering from heart disease, depression, obesity and the like. Referring patients to the natural environment rather than the pharmacist is a lot cheaper than conventional pills and prescriptions and, he argues, is likely to be just as effective in many cases.

The results of a Mori poll, commissioned by Natural England and released exclusively to the BBC, show that 94% of us would be happy for our GP to provide outdoor exercise instead of prescription drugs, if he or she thought it would work. Natural England has already established jointly with the British Heart Foundation a network of "walking the way to health" initiatives.
We met one patient, Roger Cowley, who'd been suffering from obesity and depression and had been effectively confined to bed. He's been given a "stepometer" that counts the number of paces he takes each day and receives help from Ruth Tucker, an exercise adviser working with GPs. Natural England polled 70 GPs and nurses and found that 61% recommended that patients use green space, and 79% recommended walking informally. Seventh-day Adventists make up about half of the approximately 24,000 people who live here.
It is a complex mix of religiosity, spirituality and a person's understanding of their belief in God combined with other lifestyle components such as exercise and social support.When I met Betty Streifling she was lifting weights at the gym in her retirement home.
It's not for everyone and most Adventists acknowledge that there are degrees of compliance to the dietary and social guidelines outlined by the church.But there is little doubt that this community can expect to live significantly longer than most other people. It is an evangelical Christian community that follows strict guidelines about food, exercise and rest. The 101-year old lives at the Linda Valley Villa, a community for old folks who are able to look after themselves.
It is possible to buy a burger and fries in Loma Linda, although last year the city council banned the operation of any new "formula-based fast food restaurants that offer drive-through food service". It is a compelling model for a world struggling with the scourge of obesity, diabetes and the chronic diseases of old age.

Those of us who live in towns and cities, and even some who live in the countryside, don't get enough of it. And the Archives of Disease in Childhood found those who took longer to get to sleep were no worse behaved. The average age is 90.Streifling lives in her own apartment, a cosy home full of family mementoes and furniture made by her late husband. The moved was designed to the "protect public health, safety and welfare" of its residents.
Experts from Monash University in Melbourne and the University of Auckland looked at 519 seven-year-olds. There are vibrant farmers markets and health food stores doing brisk business in nuts and leafy greens. SleepyheadChildren who were very physically active during the day tended to take less time to fall asleep, but the more prominent association was between being sedentary and taking longer to drift off. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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