I was walking about fifteen feet in front of Jurgen, when suddenly I spun around, grabbed the canister of Bear Spray strapped to my hip, and pointed it right at his face. We were hiking on a remote path in the northern extreme of Idaho, close to the Canadian border. Sharp as a tack, the salesman recognized the easy mark, and sold us not only Bear Bells but a $49.95 can of Bear Spray as well.
We didn’t see any grizzlies during our nine-mile round-trip hike to Hidden Lake and Red Top. It had snowed a couple days before our visit, and we immediately noticed that ours were the only human tracks on the path.
The rest of our hike, to the summit of Red Top Mountain, was rough but completely worth the effort. You guys really should come up to Canada, just up from Bonner’s Ferry is one of the coolest areas, namely the Kootenay Lake and Nelson.

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For days, people had been warning us about bears on the path and suggesting counter-measures, but we had laughed them off. There were some deer and rabbit footprints, but despite this hike’s general proximity to Bonners Ferry, we were the only people who had journeyed to Hidden Lake in at least two days.
But our trail continued up Red Top mountain and, once we had gained some elevation and could look back on the lake, the name made a lot more sense. We could easily see into Canada, and enjoyed a panorama encompassing the Selkirk Mountains. Please, we want to see bears!” But the laughter stopped after visiting the Ranger Station in Bonners Ferry.

The incredible northern nature gave us plenty to gawk at, and an endless vista of pine-covered mountains isn’t going to tear your chest open with its claws or gnash your skull into sludge. We ate lunch on the remnants of an old fire station (destroyed by a long ago fire), and then started back down the hill. With a disquieting sternness, the ranger warned us that not only were there grizzlies in the area, but they were likely to be grumpy because of hunting season.
Ten minutes later, we were in a sporting goods store, searching the shelves for Bear Bells.

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