Erin Heatherton, who was prominently featured in the show last year, is also rumored to be out.
Four member girl group, Secret, revealed a friendly photo taken together with Japan’s girl group, AKB48. Secret’s leader, Hyosung, uploaded the photo on her Twitter with the caption: “AKB48’s Ohta Aika chan and Miyazaki Miho chan came to visit us after recording a Japanese program, so we took a photo together. In the photo, AKB48 members, Ohta Aika and Miyazaki Miho are in the middle of Secret members, Hyosung, Han Sun Hwa, Song Ji Eun, and Zinger, while smiling brightly with the V-sign.

Netizens commented that it was nice to see the Korean-Japanese girl groups’ modest friendship with one another. The first one is a big yellow envelope (created with my old paper texture, and blank postage stamp), with red Top Secret stamp. My cute friends, it was nice to meet you and I hope we get to see each other often~” on June 4. Wallpaper images in the Victoria's Secret Angels club tagged: victoria's secret heidi klum alessandra ambrosio adriana lima supermodel angels.

Once you start to do that, they become threatening [to potential female customers],a€? said Habberley.

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