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Ta slaptoji knyga, apie kuria sukasi visa istorija - iliustruotas viduramziu rankrastis, kuriame surasytos keturios Naujojo Testamento evangelijos. For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the long strand of hair which is curled and formed into a curl.
My little sister, (who is 10), got almost my whole family into the movie, and she also got us addicted to the characters like Pangur Ban, Brendan and Aisling.

Here you will sketch out the shape of Pangur Ban's head and face like so, then draw the ears and the lining to form the ears. After seeing The Secret of Kells, I immediately fell in love with the adorable white kitty that Aisling turns into a ghost to go places she can't.
Istorija sukasi apie Brendana, viename Airijos vienuolynu su savo dede abatu gyvenanti naslaiti. Dede apie gyvenviete konstruoja milziniska siena, skirta apsisaugoti nuo barbaru vikingu, kuriems svarbus tik lobiai, o ne kultura.
She also befriends Brendan who is the twelve year old boy that explores outside the village walls into the forest outside of Kells.

Dedei visas pasaulis atrodo priesiskas, todel berniuka apsaugoti jis stengiasi laikydamas ji uz aukstu sienu.

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