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My favorite part of the movie, besides the fairy, Aisling, and the hypnotic drawings (which were done by hand, not computer generated), was the little white cat, Pangur Ban, with one green eye and one blue eye.
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Celebrating the cinematically surreal, bizarre, cult, oddball, fantastique, strange, psychedelic, and the just plain WEIRD! The poem speaks of the monk working on copying words into books while his cat keeps him company–a very similar premise to the movie where Pangur Ban watches over the monks creating The Book of Kells. The weirdest thing about this movie to me, though, was the group of monks from other continents who were drawn as racial stereotypes and seemed to have no place at a Catholic monastery in Ireland in the 800’s.
The stylized version of animation really worked for me, especially the visual cues it took from the real Book of Kells. I’m a sucker for stories about the older generation trying to pass on knowledge to the younger generation.

The film, which was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Animated Feature, tells the story of Brendan and Irish monks working to create sacred texts in the Abbey of Kells. I’ve never seen mention of them in discussions of the film, but their inclusion was so strange to me it really had me wondering why the writers chose to have them there, aside from simple comedic relief.
Of course, the most splendid of these is The Book of Kells, an intricately penned manuscript spilling forth calligraphy and elaborate artwork in the form of knots, spirals, and intricate borders.

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