Fantasy isn't as well represented in film as genres like science fiction, horror, westerns, and so forth. But over the years audiences have grown increasingly attached to strange new worlds like Middle-earth and Narnia.
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I have been sooo happy to access this movie, been looking for doing it everywhere - so thanks! They've become more willing to accept elves and dragons alongside their traditional warrior heroes. Pictures The effects and giddy synthesizer score may feel dated, but the world of Neverending Story feels timeless. A young boy reads a book with Narnia Wardrobe-like properties - a book that introduces both him and us to a place populated by Luck Dragons, giant sneezing turtles and Rock Biters.

A place where some great Big Bad called The Nothing (which turns out to be an animatronic wolf thing) threatens both our world and the fantasy one. How this all plays out may hold up better through a nostalgic lens, but it works better than most fantasy films grounded in very 1980s sensibilities. Tolkien's stories aren't the only place where fantasy lovers can see a small and humble hero rise up to save the world.
Warwick Davis was finally allowed to ditch his Ewok costume and take on the role of the diminutive but noble Willow. The movie didn't become the next Star Wars, but it does maintain a well-deserved cult following even today. But long before that showpiece of monster effects and Greek mythology, Harryhausen delivered an even better work in the form of Jason and the Argonauts.
Jason's legendary quest for the Golden Fleece unfolded with then-state of the art special effects that still hold up surprisingly well today.
And as always, the imagination and energy of Harryhausen's work overshadows whatever technical limitations there are.

But it stands the test of time and proves that Disney isn't the last word on family-friendly animated fare. Pictures Roald Dahl wasn't just an author of children's stories, he was a legitimate fantasy storyteller. The Witches is a film about a boy and his grandmother who discover a group of actual witches while vacationing by the sea.
Though not as dark as the original book, it still carried an eccentric quality that helped it stand out among the sea of children's films in the early 1990s.
The Witches is also notable for being the last project Jim Henson worked on before his untimely death.

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