The Secret of NIMH came out when I was young and was a much darker movie than many of Disney’s offerings.  Being a kid, I had a lot of The Secret of NIMH merchandise including the original novel…so much so that I can’t remember if I even saw the movie when I was young. For its time, The Secret of NIMH also employed strong voice actors.  Elizabeth Hartman (in her last role) provided the voice of Mrs. Not connected : To be able to post a message site, you must be connected.Register on the site! This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Secret of Nimh fans, and is non-profit.

The advertisement on site is only there to pay for the site maintenance cost, including server hosting and domain name. Any copyrighted material included on this site is reproduced without permission, but only serves entertainment purposes, and is used with utmost respect for the original creators. Brisby must seek out help from unlikely sources in a crow named Jeremy, the Great Owl, and the mysterious rats that live under the Fitzgibbons’ rosebush.  When Mrs. HolyFox77 - 243 days New NIMH movie in the works HolyFox77 - 243 days Headcanon Discussions: The Magic Amulet Jake Razor - 286 days Caption It!

Brisby learns there is more to them than she thought, and a desperate race against time to save Timothy begins.
Brisby due to Wham-O’s Frisbee products (most of the film had been shot so the dialogue was altered to make it sound like a B.  The movie was released to critical acclaim and was praised for its animation.

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