Secret of Shadow Ranch is a really fun adventure horse game, however, in the free trial version you get to play it for only 1 hour! Secret of Shadow Ranch is an adventure horse game where you play as the character Nancy Drew, who spends her summers on her uncels farm.
When you start playing, you get to choose between begin a junior detective or a senior detective, which in turn determines the level of difficulty of the game.
The adventures are pretty fun, however, the biggest downside is that once you download it you can play the game for 1 hour tops, before you have to pay.
Get ready for adventures with Pauline and her friends taking care of their horses, riding them and try to save the academy from a surprising fate! I'm a bookaholic, huge Harry Potter fan, and love throwing full blown themed dinner parties. This site shows ads via Google Adsense and applies Amazon Affiliate links where I feel they are relevant to the post (in most cases, an item I've purchased myself for the related recipe).
PLEASE NOTE:¬†At Her Interactive, we are committed to sustainability practices focused on building a better world for future generations. This single woman is part Native American and runs a store on land that is adjacent to Shadow Ranch. Local legend says the horse has come to avenge the hanging of its master, and that misfortune will befall whoever sets eyes on it. Having not had Wikipedia when I reading these books, I’ve only just realised this (seriously? Clicking on these links may lead to this site earning money from clicks or prospective purchases.

A ranch vacation takes a terrifying turn when a ghostly horse appears in this mystery game. His cynical attitude reflects the fact that he feels much more at home with horses and cattle than with humans.
Mary knows all about the history of the area and she is interested in purchasing the Ranch for herself. Shadow Ranch is terrified by the phantom horse attacks, ravishing and destroying everything on his way.
She encouraged independence, but also had best friends near by, inspired my curious mind, and had a can-do attitude. Required Field Check this box to confirm you are human. You must discover the truth from the ghost stories quickly - you might be next on the list for unearthly revenge! Once upon a time horse's master was hanged for some minor crime, so now horse is hunting all Shadow Ranch's cowboys and other inhabitants. Anyone who will see the horse will loose your luck and misfortune will ride his life till the unhappy ending.
So when Nancy Drew decided to spent a nice vacation on the Shadow Ranch, she made a huge mistake. And soon in Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch game for Windows you will find out that anyone who has seen horse, soon faced terrible accidents, mostly with lethal finale. The graphics and details of the landscape were amazing, I loved the music in the background, and the storyline was very entertaining.

Deserves every single star :) product 0.3 GIDDYAP! Uncle Ed has been bitten by a rattle snake, a phantom horse is appearing in the night and accidents always follow it.
Could it have anything to do with the treasure supposedly hidden by the outlaw Dirk Valentine?This game is may be my most favorite ever.
I remember those times when I'd feed the horses wrong and hear them collapse to their death, pick every single vegetable that was available in the garden, do some headbanging with the chicken, cause the oven to explode, and leave the saddle on Bob, only to come face to face with a VERY angry Tex. Set in the west it's a game capturing the broken love story of a couple and the mystery left behind by them.
The plot is very intriguing, and a different take on a sappy love story.I give high praise to the characters in this one. So well written actually that I did not at all guess who was going to be the criminal at the end!
It drew you in.You get to explore a lot of varying locations here, something that is pretty cool as you follow the love story. There are also some interesting phone contacts who pop up later on in the series (hint hint).
The plot is good and keeps you guessing, but you aren't weighed down by tasks or stuck in dead zones with nothing to do.

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