In three hours of film, which pass without being tiresome, the focus is on personal discovery. Filmed with many close-ups, and without the use of makeup or specific wardrobe, the narrative transports the audience into the screen, like a voyeur who watches closely every step of Adele. As for the blue color of the title, it deserves that space, given its importance in the plot.
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The plot follows the sexual awakening of the young Adele when she discovers herself in love with Emma, an aspiring photographer openly lesbian. There, two women of different environments, ages and ideas are discovered loving and maturing, with their desires and fears. None of the actresses wore makeup, which enhances their natural beauties and yet gives a very long private mood escaping from the plasticity of Hollywood cinema. Through small details and features, Kechiche and his production designer cleverly inserted the color at different moments, that on the contrary to appearances, it is not focused on the hair of the character Emma, but around the life of Adele, case of the protagonist room.

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The blue moves the character, sometimes showing itself as a cold color of intense sadness, and symbolizing her change from innocence to adulthood.

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