This is where The Immortals of Meluha, after building up the anticipation and reaching the apex, had ended abruptly. The Secret of the Nagas picks up from here and further unfolds the story of the Neelkanth.The Secret of the Nagas is the sequel to The Immortals of Meluha in the Shiva trilogy. Amish Tripathi once again historicizes Shiva, the most powerful god in Hindu Mythology, and has a different take on the mythological events that were told to us growing up by our mothers and grandmothers.The novel has a good plot but it’s just not as good as its predecessor.
It revolves around Shiva finding the Nagas, the supposed embodiment of all that is Evil, defeating them, thereby saving humanity (as is said in the prophecy).
The language of the novel is very informal, just like it was in the first part of the trilogy.The book has treachery, betrayal, deceit, action (and in the case of the “ritual”, awfully gross action), and drama. The author has taken it one step further into the life of Shiva and Sati, and comes up with interesting revelations about the same.

The entry of Kali and Ganesha is very powerful in one way and a bit problematic in the other. The myth related to both Kali and Ganesha have been twisted, questioning the fictionality of the historicization.Amish Tripathi has done commendable research on the topic before writing the novel and has gotten his geographical facts straight.
He has made an effort to be accurate about a time in history of India in 4000 BC.The novel is not really hard core classical literature, but more of popular fiction for the masses. It is very visual and theatrical, and would do wonders on the big screen when converted into a movie. The figure of Shiva can be equated with any “macho” Bollywood hero who is out there fighting for his duty and the love of his life.
Do the names Salman bhai and Sanju baba ring a bell?Our generation and the ones before it have some kind of knowledge about the Hindu Mythology through either our elders, or by watching the televised version of the epics, or in some cases by actually reading the epics (mythology addicts or overtly religious people).

Nonetheless, in the rapidly urbanizing society, it is impossible for the future generation to know about it.The Shiva trilogy by Amish would be a saviour in times to come when all they’d have to do is pick up the books and that will give them a fair idea about our heritage. If and when made into a movie, the Shiva trilogy would be immortalized forever and will be an interesting source for the coming generations to know about our rich past.
The Hindu Mythology is a tradition in a culture whose values are receding with every passing year.
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