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Separate everything but a small section of the bottom part of your hair closest to the nape of your neck. The finished product is meant to look somewhat disheveled and reminiscent of modern day bombshell hair you see in Victoria’s Secret. Can somebody find a picture of that pink bra that Alessandra wearing and email it to me please?? Achieving this look is incredibly easy with a few simple tools that you probably already own, and anyone with shoulder length hair or longer can rock this bombshell look. You can use any type of hair clip you own, and you may need to use a smaller or thicker clip depending on how thick your hair is. It doesn’t matter what brand you use, but using a lot of heat on your hair can really damage it, so always use a heat protectant spray ahead of straightening or curling.
I purchased this tool from my local Sally Beauty Supply, and it only cost me a couple of dollars. My favorite hairspray ever is the L’oreal Elnett Hairspray, which you can purchase at drugstores. Some are picky about what barrel size curling iron you should use for this type of hair, but it is my belief that you can use any barrel size (and I’ll explain why later). Hair that hasn’t been freshly washed will have better texture and hold the curl easier. You will be curling in sections to make the process easier, and allow each section to set and cool before you work with it. This usually only takes around ten minutes or so, if not less, since by the time you’ve gotten to the last section of hair, your other curls are already set and cooled.

Hold a piece of hair up at the roots of your head (it can be along your part), and using your teasing brush, backcomb the section of hair.
Once you’ve achieved the volume and look you want with your curls and roots, spray your head with your flexible hold hairspray. My hair is down past my cleavage when completely straight, for reference, and the end result makes me feel sexy and feminine. My niece has super tight, thick ethnic hair and I use a straightener to straighten and curl her hair at the same time.
Meaning you clamp the root of your hair, and then twirl your hair around the straightener as you work your way down. That's the question that American artist Charles Sowers answers with Windswept, a kinetic installation of 612 aluminium weather vanes placed on the facade of San Francisco's Randall Museum -- and revealing surprising results, as you can see in this video from Dezeen. I use this every single day, and it comes in handy for parting and sectioning your hair, as well as teasing to create volume. It does tend to be a little more expensive, but I found mine on clearance at Walmart for only a few dollars. I personally use a 1 inch curling iron, but you can use smaller or larger depending on what you already have in your bathroom. Then, use the brush again to smooth that piece down, and you’ll be left with crazy voluminous roots. You basically use your hand to flick the straightener the same way you would a curling iron, and run the straightener through for a curl.
It straightens the curl so it’s not super tight, but it also curls it into a loose curl like this look. Windswept by Charles Sowers from Dezeen on Vimeo.As you can see, the spinning blades don't uniformly point in the same direction as one might expect, but rather show smaller diverse patterns and paths of the breeze.

I absolutely love the formula because it holds a curl or hairstyle without that yucky stiff feeling. I love Hot Tools brand for curling irons…they always heat up extremely quick and hold my curl like no other brand does. Spray each section you are working on with heat protectant spray, and lightly comb through.
Once you’ve curled that section, un-clip the next section of hair, working your way eventually to the outermost layer of hair (the ones that frame your face).
It also has a great feature – a temperature gauge that you can turn up or down depending on your hair texture and thickness. This whole process can take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes or more depending on how much hair you have.
This is why it doesn’t matter what size barrel of curling iron you use, because you can always brush the tightness of the curl out. And while most modern buildings don't reflect or register these contextual facts in their design, it's encouraging to see some synthesizing science with architecture to make a bioregional awareness more evident to all.
If you have bangs or a fringe, curl them slightly away from your face (think Farrah Fawcett’s signature retro style, but modernized).

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