George Taylor divided up the Temples of Lebanon into three groups, one the Bekaa valley north of the road from Beirut to Damascus.
This hotch-potch appraoch is unusual for the Romans, and perhaps only explained in that the stones from earleir construction were seen as sacred. Heavens, given the locale and traditions, and also of course in connection with the great esteem the Romans held for Baalbek in the region. So say the Watchers did, in fact, consummate an oath of eternal damnation on the summit of Mt.
I wish I could remember where, but a few years back I read a few reports about some mysterious sightings on Mt.

Thats a good point, and the general conflict over 70 years in the region has meant little research here in modern times. Watchers themselves or aspects of cultic worship toward them, depending on ones beliefs, i'd certainly be very surprised if they weren't connected. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. This irresistible (16”) Golden Brown Plushis Teddy is ready to be delivered to your love one or friend with a picture and your special voice message stored within a Concealed Compartment, and an Inner Secret Pocket for an additional gift.
I'd kind of like to know what kind of stories the archeologists have heard from the locals.

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