Welcome to Pretty Little Liarsss Your Most Up To Date Source on all things to the hit book series and ABC Family Series. The actress and mom set out to spread her holistic approach to beauty with teen viewers and women of all ages.
Peeples practices the holistic beauty message she preaches, but admits she, too, has fallen victim to insecurities. On her website, the actress shared some simple lifestyle, health and beauty tips – from how much water to drink in a day, recipes for kale smoothies and ways to curb cravings, to daily affirmations to stay on track.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) est souvent la plus perspicace, sauf que cette fois-ci, il se pourrait que ce soit Hanna (Ashley Benson).
Not only did she talk about her beauty secrets she also encourages women to see their inner beauty.
Si tu ne veux rien savoir de l'intrigue de la saison 4 de Pretty Little Liars, ne lis pas ce qui suit ! En effet, dans l'episode 12, on a pu voir la blonde deluree attraper quelque chose dans le repère de "A" et le fourrer dans son sac.

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Et bien cet objet aura une grande importance lors de la deuxieme partie de la saison 4, notamment pour en savoir plus sur Alison et "A".

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