This holiday season, toddlers will love opening up My First Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Secret Reveal Ariel Doll.
Little girls will be able to take baby Ariel for a swim and will be in awe when they see her tail magically change colors. When it is time to wash, children will use their Flounder poof to wash her up, just like they get washed. She would like the 3 in 1 Graco travel set to put her babies in or the Toddler Rapunzel With Enchanted Vanity with be another favorite. Once upon a time, a woman from India named Eliza Kewark was shunned by her family because of her race. The father of her child referred to her as the "housekeeper" and the "purported mother" of their daughter, Katharine. Katharine was sent off without her mother to England, and that's where this story might have ended. Which means that Great Britain will, one day, have a monarch with Indian blood, and the Commonwealth will be led by a king with a clear genetic link to its most populous nation.

BritainsDNA says it is confident of Kewark's lineage because it traced Williams' mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, which is passed down from mother to child.
Kewark's mtDNA is so rare, BritainsDNA said, that it has only been found in 14 other people, all but one of whom was Indian (the other one was Nepali).
According to the biography "The Real Diana," by Lady Colin Campbell, Kewark's background was known but kept quiet by a family that was full of Europeans descended from royalty. But times have changed and, today, and the family of Diana, who died in a car accident in 1997, celebrated their Indian heritage. From an early age, children learn to nurture, interact and “make believe” with their dolls.
Baby Ariel arrives with a seashell cup and Flounder Poof for even more pretend play in the bath. They’ll communicate with her, wash her, play and be mesmerized with her tail changing colors.
The water does come out of the fin on her tail, so before bath time ends ensure the water is out, to prevent molding.

But Katherine gave birth to Jane, who gave birth to Ruth, who had another Ruth, who had Frances, who had Diana.
She has long been described as Armenian, but Kewark was at least half-Indian, the genetic ancestry testing company BritainsDNA announced today. BritainsDNA took saliva samples from two unnamed members of the royal family and traced it back seven generations to Kewark, who was born around 1790. Girls will love dipping her or pouring water from the seashell cup onto her tail to watch it change.

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