Use this content Oliver Jackson-Cohen (left) in a scene from the ABC's The Secret River on Sunday night.
Local Real Estate Subscribe Now TV TRAGIC: How much do we really know about 19th century Australia? The ABC's two-part mini-series The Secret River takes us on a journey to British colonisation in the early 1800s and the conflict between convicts and the indigenous people.
We meet convict Will Thornhill, a man sentenced for the term of his natural life for stealing to feed his family.
The early scenes show us how brutal life is in the new colony and how foreign it must seem to those forced to this ramshackle, dirty place from a big city like London.
When he is pardoned six years later, Will persuades Sal that they could buy Blackwood's boat and business and settle on the Hawkesbury.
Others along the river prefer violence, like the racist Irishman Smasher Sullivan (Tim Minchin). Based on Kate Grenville's award winning novel, this series shows us a part of our history that is often uncomfortable and shocking. The cast is wonderful, from British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Will and Australian Sarah Snook as Sal, to Tim Minchin as the repulsive Oyster farmer Smasher and the compelling Lachy Hulme as Blackwood.
GET out your lycra and tap shoes because So You Think You Can Dance USA is back for season 12. WHEN Phryne hosts a tennis tournament to raise money for female players to compete like the men at Wimbledon, she invites Stanley Burrows, a tennis coach and old friend, along with his new wife, rising tennis star, Constance Burrows.
IN the premiere classicist Dr Michael Scott uncovers the strange, alien world of the ancient Greeks, exploring the lives of the people who gave us democracy, architecture, philosophy, language, literature and sport. SBS 2 has secured the Australian premiere of hilarious eight-part series Drunk History UK, based on the smash hit US series produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, which retells history as it has never been told before: drunk.

STARRING Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette, CSI: Cyber follows the work of the Cyber Crime Division as they tackle crimes committed online. LAST we saw Annie, she had finally defeated Henry Wilcox and was making her escape from Hong Kong but following that ordeal she didn't return triumphantly to Langley. But now, four months later, Annie is back and investigating Borz and Mykola Atlan, a pair of Chicago-based Crimean brothers suspected of planning a terror attack. WITCHES of East End follows the Beauchamp family, mother Joanna (Julie Ormond) and her daughters Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachael Boston). Joanna is cursed to give birth to Freya and Ingrid again and again, only for the girls to both die young. Based on the book The Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz, this series is heaps of fun.
In flashbacks, we start to piece together what really happened the night of Lila's murder. IN the final of this series, with Kevin Rudd deposed, Julia Gillard became Australia's first female Prime Minister. AN action-thriller from the creators of Homeland and Heroes, DIG is a murder mystery set against the backdrop of modern day Jerusalem; a city shrouded in ancient intrigue, and a Jerusalem-based FBI agent who uncovers a plot that dates back 2000 years. STRONG DRAMA: British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Will Thornhill and Australian Sarah Snook as Sal in The Secret River on ABC.
Noisy drinker flips his car, police find nunchucks Magistrate fines man $300 and sentences him to 36 months probation. Mercedes-AMG GT3 track test 6.3-litre V8 takes a lap of Sydney Motor Sport Park Australia Zoo welcomes baby Giraffe Sally the giraffe gives birth after 15 month pregnancy. However their lives change when Thomas Blackwood (Lachy Hulme) asks Will to come with him on his regular trading run up the Hawkesbury River.

Her eyes are stretched, her body held rigidly; she is terrified and does not want to be here. And Will must leave his family to face them alone when he goes on a trading trip to Sydney.
The tournament gets off to a rocky start, however, when Constance's practice partner borrows her shoes and is fatally bitten by a funnel-web spider meant for Constance. This elegant and exciting three-part series evokes the time of the knights in a unique and intimate rollercoaster ride of individual lives set in the wider context of medieval Europe. Tonight Rob Beckett on Henry VIII, Kerry Howard talks Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and James Acaster on The Black Death. She was also forced to leave behind her son, Frederick, Freya's twin, when they fled Asgard centuries ago. But the repercussions of the dramatic change of leadership cast a long shadow over her time in office.
It's a story tinged with tragedy and triumph, and it happened from the legendary Alberts Studios. His grandfather imprisoned him for nearly a century but what else did the Asgard tyrant do to him?
Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited under the laws of Australia and by international treaty. To a poor man being able to provide for his family and to have something that no one can take away is overwhelming.

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