In the scene where Zak is knocked backwards because he couldn't use his powers on the Swamp Monster, he landed against a tree, but in the next scenes, the tree is gone, but Zak still sits in a similar position.
When Komodo, Fisk, and Zak got into one body, it seemed that Zak was the dominant one, because he made his pets also say "Mom?" to Drew. After attempting to capture the Malaysian Mermaid, Argost is able to escape with Komodo; in order to lure Saturdays into a trap.
Honey Island Swamp Monster (Crbaochyungothropuis paludosus), is a large, hairy, bipedal creature that has gray fur, yellow eyes, and resembles bigfoot.
Seen in Ghost in the Machine, where it is seen and revealed to be the first cryptid Doc Saturday tracked.
Ever since Harlan Ford and Robert Mills initially saw the creature in 1963 and the presentation of a footprint cast in 1974 there have been various reported sightings of the Honey Island Swamp Creature. We had to do a double take when we saw these pictures of Frankie Sandford leaving a club with someone who, quite frankly, could be a cardboard cut-out of Frankie herself.
Maybe all The Saturdays have a mate who looks like them so they can distract the photographers while the real Sats run off and have secret meetings somewhere? Basil Lancaster in the form of an EVP, the family goes to Honey Island Swamp to finish up some old business: a project to find the DNA of all the cryptids on Earth. In the episode, they showed voice recording splicing as the scientists did to lure the Saturdays. It wasn’t until 1974 when the two friends returned to the Honey Island Swamp to hunt for ducks that they saw signs of the monster again.
These sightings include that of Ted Williams who claims to have seen the creature numerous times and is noted to have said that there is more than just Honey Island Swamp. This time, although the friends did not see the creature again, they were treated to an array of dead wild boars.

Williams used to say that he had never attempted to shoot any of the creatures because they did not seem to want to harm him either.
This girl has the same haircut, and the same colour hair as Frankie used to have before she caught the LA-bug (look it up) and went all blonde and laid back and duuude-ish.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowShe's even got Frankie's sense of style! However, they end up causing every cryptid in the area (such as the Georgia Pigman, the Momo, the Green Goon, the Kinchafoonie Creep, the Bishopville Lizard Man, and the Honey Island Swamp Monster) to attack.
Ford and his Friend Robert Mills were in the swamp lands looking for an abandoned camp that they had spotted from the air. At present, there has been no news on Ted Williams since he was reported to have disappeared one day when he took his boat into the deeper part of the Honey Island Swamp. After repelling the cryptids, Doc and Drew continue their work and Zak is kidnapped by scientists who were a part of a defunct-secret cold war government project to make cryptid super-soldiers. They came into a clearing and were surprised to see in front of them a massive creature that was down on all fours. Because if it looks good on one it'll look good on the other because they're THE SAME PERSON?Imitaion is said to be the biggest form of flattery, so Frankie's mate must like her a lot.
Argost heard the noise and came down to recapture them but Junshin-Mushin generates a sound wave that causes the stone columns and ceiling to collapse. Mills asked Ford as to what the creature was, it supposedly heard them and faced the two men, after a while it stood up and ran back into the bush. Not wanting to risk their necks, the friends left the Honey Island Swamp and only came back later that night to create a cast of the prints they had found beside the boar.
The cryptids help the Saturdays defeat the scientists, in the process revealing that they are all in reality humans whose DNA have been merged with animal DNA by the scientists and escaped when Dr. After Argost was distracted, they escape to meet up with the rescue party, which includes the Saturdays and other secret scientists.

This creature has been sighted in The Honey Island Swamp, which is located in Louisiana USA. The two men ran after the creature in an attempt to get a better look at it, but all they found were its tracks.
The plaster cast prints remain until today and have helped dispute claims that the wild boar killings were only that of an alligator. Lancaster betrayed the other scientists and saved them, and Doc and Drew force them to cure the boys. This area is a vast swamp land that is located in the middle of the east and west Pearl Rivers. It has been sighted walking upright and down on all four, it is described as a huge, wooly, bipedal mammal, near 7 feet tall with a weight of roughly 400 and 500 lbs., with sickly yellow eyes.
Lancaster's final request, the cryptids and the Saturdays destroy all that remained of the project. The Honey Island Swamp is located in Louisiana and is a vast swamp land that is located in the middle of the east and west Pearl Rivers. A part of the Honey Island Swamp is under the protection of the Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge and the other part is managed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
It was during the 1960s, as the human population started to encroach upon the swamplands that sightings of a tall, wooly, bipedal mammal were reported.

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