Adam Wylie (Brad Langford on Gilmore Girls) recently lent his voice to the animated television series The Secret Saturdays, which airs on Cartoon Network. Adam Wylie appeared in the first episode of Season 2, The Underworld Bride, which aired on May 8, 2009. In the latest episode, King Ulraj travels with the Saturday family to New Guinea to investigate the Duah, a cryptid with a bad attitude.
The series follows the adventures of a family of cryptozoologists, the Saturdays, who work to keep the truth about the cryptids (monsters) from getting out.

He was the voice of King Ulraj, a character he’d first lent his voice to in Season 1, when Ulraj was still just a prince of Kumari Kandam. They learn that Duah plans to take Zon as his mate, then to eat her, and together try to save Zon from this fate.
In that episode, the Saturdays helped him reclaim his rightful spot on the throne, after his father was killed.
Ulraj, as a cryptid, has some powers but is only able to help save Zon if she truly wishes to be saved.

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