Our deepest condolences go out to Mara Rooney who lost her grandmother, Ann Mara on Sunday. It appears that the requested content could not load or is not available anymore, however there's plenty more cool stuff to be found on our home page. As a young woman, Roseanne McNulty was one of the most beautiful and beguiling girls in County Sligo, Ireland. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In light of his recent titles, it’s hard to forget that Jim Sheridan started out with My Left Foot back in 1989, and went on to work with Daniel Day-Lewis in two more superb roles.
Release Date: Without a distributor already attached, we’re thinking this will hit Fall Festivals to pick up buzz, depending on the length of the shoot, which is supposedly set to commence in Ireland. United States of Love: Nichols Falters with Hokey Prestige Picture In 1967, the United States Supreme Court made a landmark civil rights decision with Loving v.

One reason for that could very well be the star-studded cast that has signed on to the project.
Now, as her hundredth year draws near, she is a patient at Roscommon Regional Mental Hospital, and she decides to record the events of her life.As Roseanne revisits her past, hiding the manuscript beneath the floorboards in her bedroom, she learns that Roscommon Hospital will be closed in a few months and that her caregiver, Dr.
Theo will be playing the local priest referenced above in bold print, Father Gaunt, so as you can probably gather, he will not be the good guy in this story.
In 2004, Sheridan saw a resurgence with the success of In America, but a string of intriguing choices afterwards all seemed to fail, including the 50 cent headlined Get Rich or Die Tryin’,  an unwise remake of Susanne Bier’s Brothers, and a supernatural thriller that was subjected to studio interference, Dream House.
Big names such as Rooney Mara, Eric Bana, Jeremy Irons, Jack Reynor, and Vanessa Redgrave are all among the top billed cast that will become Theo’s co-stars this fall. Those that have only seen Theo play the good guy should see a totally different side of him here.
This probably means that, depending on the filming schedule for his scenes, Theo will be expected to fly up to Northern Ireland right after Insurgent filming ends.

We’re thinking The Secret Scripture, based on the novel by Sebastian Barry and set to film in Ireland, will be a comeback worth anticipating, as it features a strong cast led by Rooney Mara.
There’s very little details so far on the progress of this production, but I thought it would be a good idea to put together a summary of what we know so far about it. Grene reviews her files to determine what to do with a woman who must leave the only home she really knows. Grene, and as he researches her case he discovers a document written by a local priest that tells a very different story of Roseanne’s life than what she recalls. As doctor and patient attempt to understand each other, they begin to uncover long-buried secrets about themselves.

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