Orlando Bloom locked onto Katy Perry just minutes after her arrival at the Weinstein Company's Golden Globes afterparty in Beverly Hills on Jan.
In light of his recent titles, it’s hard to forget that Jim Sheridan started out with My Left Foot back in 1989, and went on to work with Daniel Day-Lewis in two more superb roles. Release Date: Without a distributor already attached, we’re thinking this will hit Fall Festivals to pick up buzz, depending on the length of the shoot, which is supposedly set to commence in Ireland.
Fenachrone was first published in June, 1936, by the Lambengarde chapter of the Science Fiction League (the first European chapter) with Newton Ross, then a pupil at Arnol Gregor Tertiary, serving as editor.
When I got home from school and opened it, I found a mimeograph, painted denstery-green [sic] and stenciled "Duplicator MK 14M-A25, Second Fuslog Message Battalion," ten one kilogram cans of ink, five reams of paper, four quires of stencils, and a box filled with styli, lettering guides, and other useful items.
But to return to Fenachrone: On that Junlun Monday of thirty years ago, we proudly brought forth an eight page dittoed mag, with the first page handwritten and the rest typed, no illos, and no humor. Now, thirty years later, our fanzine is fifty pages long each outpour, with a semi-slick cover, at least five regular columns, and plenty of illos, comes out monthly, and serves fans all over Khorlia and many in other English-speaking countries all over the world. Newt Ross has asked me to write a piece about the club that we had when our first mag was put out, back in 1936, so here goes. The Lambengard Science Fiction Society had about 30 members then, and when 25 of us came to a meeting it was a big one. This was a solemn moment in our history — ditto material cost money, and we were lucky when we had 12 rikesbuken in our treasury. Newton, quite active in Khorlian fandom, had never contacted any American fans and enjoyed the chance to meet new friends. Khorlia (more formally, the Federated Kingdoms of Khorlia) is a sovereign state of some nineteen million population. Unlike some of our smaller neighbors, we have our own money based on the Rikesbuk, which is worth about $1.50, US [as of 1988].
This publication is not only a tourist advertisement for the Federated Kingdoms but a plug for APA-L, the Thinking Fan's Group Zine, and of course both outpours of Fenachrone, Khorlian and State-side. Stark Motor Combine also manufactures vehicles for every civilian need, and Allwheel Drive trucks — and a complete line of Armotracs for the Khorlian and selected foreign military establishments. Ride the flying wings of Wing Khorlia in comfort unapproached and unequalled by any other airline in the world! A group of our readers, notably June Konigsberg, have remarked upon the resemblance of several Khorlian characters to those used in English for similar sounds. When Geoffrey Lamben fled the Norman Conquest and sailed to Khorlia, he brought not only his fighting men and their families but the noble lady who was his wife.
From this beginning, English spread over all Khorlia, replacing the barbaric Xofic spoken in the north-east, the bastard Franco-Khorlian of the west, and the myriad languages and dialects used in the smaller states. By 1200 all Khorlia spoke English, but the upper class still clung to Xofic Script, and only at the newly founded University of Odivad did anyone openly call for a change.
Despite the uproar in the north (the Chief Librarian of Xofheim's Buchhaus fired and exiled by Duke Donal Xof for agreeing with the reformers), these changes were finally accepted. In 1847, a new organization, The Phonetics Committee, began to agitate for a series of reforms which would make Khorlian a completely phonetic written language. However, if the phonetics-minded scholars were forbidden to work in public, they could still work secretly, and fifty years later, just three years after Khorlia's War of Liberation ended so gloriously, the existence and work of the Committee of Revision was proclaimed publicly, and their completed Plan for an All-Phonetic Script was revealed to the nation. Little did the Lady Jorymar guess what would be the result of her fondness for her native tongue — a once polyglot nation united by one language, strong ties of culture and trade with England, and, because of the hopeless conflict between English sounds and Xofic spelling, a new and common sense written language. This letter was printed in the fan letter section of the Lambengard edition of Fenachrone [in the summer of 1967]. Newton Ross tells me that after the letter had been run in the August 28th outpour, several members went over to talk to the writer, more out of curiosity than anything else. She offered to show them his apartment, and they had just started up the stairs when Paula Lerner suddenly declared that she was feeling ill and asked them to take her home right away. The young fans regarded it as sort of a joke, but Newton took it more seriously and contacted Primintel thru his connections in the Aum Die. Whatever it is, animal or plant, and there is evidence on both sides, the Thing, as it is commonly called, has displayed a remarkable ability to protect its own privacy, an impressive knowledge of what is happening all over Khorlia, and an interest, sometimes violently expressed, in Khorlia's welfare. Thanx to Forry Ackerman, we now have a good 16 millimeter film of "Things to Come," also "Frankenstein," "War of the Worlds," and "King Kong." These will be shown in fan orgs all around Khorlia, starting here on 2 Maylun, and going in following weeks to the Boojum in Odivad, the Fantastiques in Agrille, Imperial Fandom in Aquatinum, and the Sealark in Claudesport. Originally the property of the Xof family, the Buchhaus was given to the nation in 1794, with the single limitation that the Curator must be a "member, collateral or by-blow of the Xof family." This requirement, tho viewed with some misgivings at first, has proved harmless, since not only is the group defined wide enough to include most Khorlian intellectuals, but the Xof family proper has provided suitable material every generation. His Power, warlord of Xofland, Lord-Mayor of Odivad, King Commander of the Lambenyan Fuslog, High Warder of the King's Forests, Lord Procurator of Aquatinum, Protector of the islands, Son of the Fox, Lord of the Three Battles, and Dynast of the Federated Kingdoms of Khorlia.
This string of titles, and the tasks and privileges that go with them, are the property of a forty-eight-year-old Khorlia named Stedman Xof who has ruled the Federated Kingdoms since he was installed at the Desk in late 1938, following the death of the Grand Regent Garfield Ross. In 1926, the young einst was formally presented to the Rikesmoot along with the einessa Grace Lamben and a rather odd old gal, the Baroness Constance Doom Way Chilwow XXXII, a woman in her late fifties who had led the men of her tiny barony against the Austrians with such success that she came out of the War of Liberation a Captain General and was awarded the Platinum Pentacross, with diamonds, only given three times before. Stedman and his parents moved to Lambengard, and following the traditional practice of Khorlian royalty, the boy attended the neighborhood revenue schools, Primary, Midschool, and Tertiary, his education being supplemented by special tutors from the University of Odivad and the Militechnic Institute. In 1935 Stedman took, as the Khorlian Law of Succession required, what is surely the world's oldest IQ test, the Kempton-Hammersligh Potential Achievement Test, passing with a high score. Meanwhile the nations around the Federated Kingdoms had become embroiled in what became the biggest war in history, and to Stedman Xof fell the unenviable task of leading his nation during this perilous time without compromise or serious involvement. In person His Power is a tallish (about two meters) fair man, who looks rather well both in business and sportswear, and in the uniforms he is obliged to wear in his normal round of duties.
Managing the domestic side of Stedman's life is the handsome, vivacious, knowledgeable, extremely able, well-traveled and fortyish woman who is his wife, Her Prowess, the Dynessa. Calendar Note: I7 Junlun is the birthday of Ronal Gregor who gave his life that Khorlia might be free from foreign rule. Cygnus Daemonis Haughtonia, the "Demon Swan," a bird with the body, wings, legs, and snowy plumage of a swan, but with the throat, cape, head, fangs, and disposition of a king cobra.
First studied by the eighteenth century naturalist Ronald Haughton, who observed it in its native haunts, the lakes and streams of the Woods of Torozar, and succeeding in capturing a pair. During the 19th and early 20th centuries there was little interest in this unusual bird, and many authorities declared it extinct, but in 1952 Dr.

Dissection of one of the swans which died of old age revealed that the structure and function of many parts of the throat and head, while snake-like in outward appearance, are far different from those in a real snake and that the creatures are true birds — warm-blooded, aerial, nest-building. As has been indicated, Cygnus Daemonia can be a killer and undoubtedly a sizable number of humans have lost their lives while interfering with some activities of the bird. Some members of our Clientele have been asking us how it is that so much of the material I put in about Khorlia concerns events with little or no connection with science fantasy — ship launchings and such, or His Power dedicating some new college building at Odivad, or even quite lengthy biographic sketches, such as the bit about Baroness Constance of Herrendume.
The answer lies in a legal term, "News of the Realm," which means any item about government activities, usually favorable, or news about Khorlian activities in general. News of the Realm: From Belgar, Headquarters of the famed Second Amphibious Battalion comes news of the successful testing of the Stark A-T Land Battleship. On the Xmas '67 outpour of Fenachrone (FEN 29), besides the conventional Best Wishes (printed in Khorlian), I further copied the cover of the Lambengard outpour by drawing what has become a standard symbol of Christmas among Protestant Khorlians, the flying carp which may be seen over houses and churches all thru the month Deklun. Several fans have asked me, "How can a pagan Oriental symbol appear on a church or above a Christian household?" I could simply answer, "As easily as pagan Christmas trees, Easter eggs, Yule logs, etc. In the spring of 1520, a battered fleet of strange-looking ships straggled into the harbor which is now Claudesport but which then was called Zeela Bay. Even there, their fate might have been less than fortunate had not the Grand Baron Rahs el Faukz been visiting Zeela on affairs of state and judged them, despite their bedraggled condition, useful fighting men.
So the ocean fishermen became rivermen, and the farmers went on farming in the immemorial fashion of their native Nippon, and the warriors kept their deadly skills so well that in 1618, in the Battle of Helenden, the Kitsune Battalion did so well against French Louis XIII's troops that Field Marshall Hector Renard took their leader's plain saber to Lambengard to be enshrined as the Sword of Khorlia, symbol of the nation at war. And as the tiny colony prospered, so did ancient traditions, and a modest temple arose, and once a year every house that boasted a man-child had a scarlet carp of stout paper flying above its roof. Though zealous, the Reverend Shieffer was no blind bigot, and when Boy's Day arrived and the paper fish flew so bravely over the houses, he inquired about this pretty custom.
It is a bad time for Fenachrone — no news of import from the Federated Kingdoms and no ideas of the large and interesting sort bubbling up thru the thinktank.
The "not see its reflection" detail is important, since not only does the tyrannosaurus pounce on and devour anything moving, but the presence of another of its species, large or small, except in heat, sends it into a deadly fury.
This is what nearly happened in Lambengard, when a large "window" of one-way glass was mounted at one end of an empty pen, and one of the three full-grown tyrannosaurs owned by the Zoo was led into the enclosure. This article, from our Marlun 28 [1966] outpour was lifted from the Sealark 'zine, MONSTRO, and is the transcription of a talk by Dr. To return to our subject, the third period we live in is the past, the dim past, that oh so distant period when men were still confined to Earth, that far heroic time when Hitler (sometimes called Kaiserbill) and Napoleon made Europe their bloody dueling ground, that time about which the men of only a few thousand years from now may know so little, and that grossly mistaken.
In spite of the exception I have just cited, potentially long-lasting records of our culture are scarce.
However, there is one type of record available for a reasonably small expenditure of money and time to anyone with patience and a little skill; I refer to the photograph. Among the non-pictorial elements you might put in your capsules are foreign ahlzags, and particularly parallel printings where the same story is written in two different languages, each in the ahlzag of that language.
At your age it is hard to realize just how quickly a brand-new, very latest model article may become out of style, then obsolete, then quaintly old-fashioned. The essay below is part of a talk given to the Colchester chapter of the Boadicea Anthropological Society of Colchester, England, by Dr.
As any follower of international politics must be aware, the Fox holds an honored place in Khorlia. In 1536, Bishop Charles, newly appointed to the diocese of Upper Lambenya, after fleeing from England with Henry the VIII's soldiers hot on his trail, ordered that "most blasphemous depicture" taken down and burned.
In Khorlia proper, there have been numberless stories, both for children and for adults, in prose and in verse. Then there are the standard folk-tales in which the Beast warns of coming disaster or prophesies greatness for some human.
Sometimes the Fox brought only consolation, as when the Holy Daev was being burnt at the stake by orders of wicked Duke Notwen Xof, and the Blessed Beast ran out from the crowd of watchers and curled herself around his feet. And in modern times, when our War of Liberation ended, the old gallows was still standing in what had been renamed Victory Square, and someone suggested it be kept there as a memorial to Ronal Gregor who gave his life on it on 15 Feblun 1916 and so doing, sparked the revolution that freed Khorlia. On the eve of the Dedication Day, there was a curious flickering glare from that part of the park, but no one paid attention, and when the replacements marched to take over the Duty, the men they had come to replace were discovered to be all out, cold.
And right below this inscription was a Fox's paw-print, looking like it had been burnt into the solid metal.
The ten stricken guardsmen were taken to a hospital, where they revived in about two hours, all telling the same story — of an "organ-pure voice" that bid them slumber. So the Fox lives on in Khorlia, in pictures and in tradition, and in the pages of modern publications. As any thoughtful reader will realize, the information contained in my talk on the Fox is limited, to put it mildly, posing many more questions than it answers. Lizacon, the Eurofan-sponsored convention, was held this summer [1967] (2nd thru 5th Auglun) at the Lambengard Hilton, our latest and finest hostelry, a jewel set on the shore of lovely Lake Elizabeth.
Where the River Justin empties into that arm of the blue Mediterranean called the Gulf of Aquatinum lies a great city. When newly accepted Christianity reached out from Rome to "go unto all the world and preach the gospel," Aquatinum was unmoved, and the great temples of Jupiter and Diana and Mars and a host of other Graeco-Roman deities remained untouched by the hand of the Church Militant. Today tourists marvel at a people who, while up to date in their business and politics, still worship a pantheon twenty centuries forgotten by the rest of the world.
Meanwhile in business, education, fashions, Aquatinum is thoroughly twentieth century — with a difference.
Tourists Note: The time to see the City in all its ancient glory is during the Saturnalia, in the first whole week in Deklun.
A few Sundays ago, we three spent the afternoon at the L A Zoo, staring at and getting stared at. The pair of Khorlian Sabertoothed Tigers have had another litter (I believe this is their third), so that our zoo has a very convenient over-supply and trades are already being arranged with other zoos.
It is the latest arrivals that have the local biologists (UCLA, USC, Cal Tech) walking around shaking their heads and muttering that they just can't be!
Now the main problem is how to provide a large enough heated area so that the Salamanders may roam to their hearts' content, and so the young Dragons may exercise and grow, while at the same time letting the tax-paying public get a good look at the new "critters." There are problems coming, particularly those connected with the little Dragons' fifth molt, when the metallic skin of babyhood will be replaced by the first fluoro-silicon skin, and the metabolism of the little beasts begins to shift from a heat-absorbing to a heat-generating system.

It was not until the closing years of the Nineteenth Century that much was known about the structure and body chemistry of the Dragon and related beasts. This occurred millions of years ago, but there is firm evidence that it is still happening. In the case of Dragons and similar beasts, we have organisms which, beginning in a super-heated environment, succeeded in keeping the heat within themselves while living in comparatively frigid surroundings. Dragons breed slowly, and the period between egg-laying (in the cone of some smoldering volcano) and hatching is a full sixteen months, but Dragons are durable, and a hundred-and-fifty-year-old Dragon is hardly a rarity! The tale is still told of the young WWI Austrian pursuit pilot who, bored with his dull tour of duty in northern Khorlia, took off in his Aviatik to shoot down a passing Dragon for sport and a splendid trophy. A noted English huntsman who managed to shoot one down with a 45 caliber magnum rifle, in the brief period after the War of Liberation when the general breakdown of Khorlian law enforcement allowed the hunting of normally protected animals, tells in his book Lions and Tigers and Everything! It is estimated that in Khorlia today there are at least a thousand Dragons, mostly hatched in Vesuvius and Etna. People often wonder how such a large animal can continue to exist and even thrive in modern Europe. This is by no means a definitive article on the Dragon; it merely skims the surface of a deep and complex subject. In conclusion we would like to think Senior Professor Stuart Hyde of Newton College Odivad for his kind assistance. Because of this, this monumental book was ignored by his colleagues and practically vanished till 1897 when Alfred Wallace discovered the book, realized what a treasure of Dragon-lore there was in it, and brought it to the attention of his fellow naturalists in a paper read to the Royal Society. He mentioned, almost blushing, the trouble his organization had had when an investigating team, after successfully visiting another continuum, a world populated by a friendly non-human race (see "Land of the Bipos," a very interesting article by Francis Flagg which appeared in 1930 in one of Mr. As I mentioned in Fenachrone XXXII, it took just about the whole Amphibious Corps to send the thing back to where it came from, and it took the combined efforts of Schnitzelfron House's best hyperspace scientist, plus the aid of the Grand Arcanetarium's top exorcist to seal the area. Ammon's afternoon classes include Biology (the College is justly proud of its unique collection of living beasties, of which the pair of Basilisks are unmatched in any zoo in the world), Comparative Religion, and a compulsory Art course.
Constance Dumeway Chillwough the Thirty-Second, a rather odd old lady with a rather odd name.
Herrendume, two kilometers by about eight kilometers, its largest building the Castle, its population 221, its chief peacetime business tourism: who would have imagined that its people could be so warlike?! Baroness Constance's exploit proved more important than expected, as the garrison had a large and well-stocked arsenal; and by the time the Austrians, who were somewhat occupied elsewhere, got around to taking back their stronghold, they were met by a thousand Khorlians, armed with Austrian guns and led by that same militant lady commander who had brought about the fall of the garrison.
In his book, M-15 — A British Spy in Wartime Khorlia, Richard Athearn-Davies devotes a chapter to the Baroness and her followers. Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. I read an Interview where Rooney says she has a private Instagram account that she uses to see pictures of her loved ones when she's away. Mara donated her fee for working on the spot to the Uweza Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting the poverty in Kenya's Kibera slum. In 2004, Sheridan saw a resurgence with the success of In America, but a string of intriguing choices afterwards all seemed to fail, including the 50 cent headlined Get Rich or Die Tryin’,  an unwise remake of Susanne Bier’s Brothers, and a supernatural thriller that was subjected to studio interference, Dream House. Anderson, Why Not Khorlian?, New York Proceedings of the Modern Language Association, (Dec., 1947), pp. Haughton's captured pair, who produced a family of downy cygnets, each with the scaly throat, extendable hood, serpentine head, poison fangs, and vile temper of their parents. John Cannon, a professor of biology at Newton College, Odivad, and one of the four or five men in this country who have met The Thing in The Forest, and returned from the experience alive and sane, spent three months in the Woods of Torozar, tracking down and studying this remarkable bird. Lyle Fellows, professor of History at Claudesport College, who has been in these pages before (Fenachrone X, APA-L 80). Ai Kitsune of Nagasaki's Imperial Institute for Alien Life Studies, Professor John Oakenshaw of the University of Odivad's Newton College, and Dr.
Gernsback's educational magazines) returned to our universe, not realizing that they were being followed by something deadly from another continuum entirely. Are there any more pics?No just this one but the article says a possible released date on December 31st, 2017. I work for a Scandinavian Press gency and when TGWTDT came out I met her at a press conference and I had immediatly this feeling. The actor was flirting with actress Rooney Mara at the soiree, until he saw Perry join movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's corner table, which was surrounded by bodyguards and black rope.
We’re thinking The Secret Scripture, based on the novel by Sebastian Barry and set to film in Ireland, will be a comeback worth anticipating, as it features a strong cast led by Rooney Mara. David Llamben of Cardiff, Wales, all these beasts have their evolutionary niche and natural origin, unique as they may seem to be.
Billboard Inside ScoopFunny how your rampant assholery is unmistakable no matter which forum you post in.
Thomas McHenry, the owner of Gray Fox Press, who offered the free services of his company in printing Fenachrone.
Not a lot of millennials are gonna be like "oh yeah that film from 1971 that starred Jane Fonda.
She is a very decent person and I actually can see her maybe stepping back from acting sooner or later and be more present when it comes to producing and so. Lovecraft's work inspired one reader's comment, "Gosh, what a fiction writer he would have been," a sincere tribute to his ability to turn dull factual material into a fascinating account.
Cannon had observed the "demon swans" was declared a biological reservation under the direct protection of the Desk and implemented by the Aum Die.
Athearn Lamben, 1486-1562), who was a lonely man, his wife having died in childbirth, and who loved children. Fellows is a Fellow of the Khorlian Historical Society and an Honored Patron of the Buchhaus.

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