Het Romance [1109] Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples. Summary: Found with no head band and belonging to no village, Misaki is taken in by the Village Hidden in the Sound.Who is Misaki?
Summary: Through an orphan girl found in the leaf village with no past and nothing but a name, the lives of three ninja are tied together. Summary: This is Anko's very private diary, full of her true feelings and inner torment, as well as reflections on her times with Orochimaru. Summary: What happens when you take one space-time teleportation jutsu, a dimensional-shifting space-time jutsu, and the natural energies of Sage Mode and stir them all together?
Summary: A teenager takes her chances and flees Orochimaru, hoping to find out more about her father as well as start a better life.
At the end of that episode, she is seen walking from her office, onto the fact that she is being stalked, and frightened as a result. Later, she helps Hanna move on from Alison's mental haunting through catharsis and role play. All four of the girls find her and finally confess about "A" as they are worried about Emily's wellbeing. She is next shown in her office, looking through the files she had about Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna. They then talk at school where Hanna tells her about the games that Charles played with them in the dollhouse. After not being seen since Season 3's "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?", she returned in "Songs of Experience", three seasons later. She appears in a bonus scene in 5 Years Forward where she is taking Alison and Jason to see Charlotte. Hurt and unsure then, risking her heart, humiliation and exposure, Kate still remembers her growing, secret love for Rick, the pain of their parting, with Rick taking Gina to the Hamptons for the summer instead of her, the beginning of the end of a time for them. Kate seems to brace for the name of his latest interest or Gina or of someone else moving in with him.
Now Kate joins that beautiful woman, his mother; now Kate is the beautiful woman who moves into his loft and plans to stay with him forever and always. Dressed in matching blue colors, two beautiful women, Kate and Martha, her mother in law, chat at breakfast, with Kate serving Ricka€™s mother.
On cue, again, so excited about his retooled website, a€?Richard Castle Investigations,a€? Rick breezes in to join his lovely ladies.
With eternal optimism, Rick tackles the day, hopeful for an adventure a€?rife with mystery and intrigue. At Katea€™s request, they enjoy the familiar walk to the crime scene chat, just another little writersa€™ touch celebrating another Castle hallmark.
Kate worries that he is trying to impress her, or to redeem himself, even to ease the pain of rejection by pursuing his PI career. He is so hopeful it sometimes hurts to hear him speak with the enthusiasm, the assurance; the trust and innocence of a smaller player, planning to compete on a grand, incongruous scale and take on Goliath.
But Esposito is a softy in his own right, a closet telenovela fan, similar to Gates and Rick who know all there is to know about certain soap operas, Rick one time bonding with the crusty Gates, and watching repeats throughout the night, doing his homework, until his butt hurts and he can barely walk. Now Kate has had her moments of fandom- shipping mania with a€?Temptation Lane.a€? In a€?One Life to Losea€? Kate expounds how other characters invest in the relationship.
Ita€™s hard to pry the fascinated, line- reciting, role- playing Javier away from the set; he even shifts Kate, an obstruction, to the side for a better view. With his day rather boring, and wanting to get in on something a€?rife with mystery and intrigue,a€? Rick calls Kate.
I remember Ricka€™s playing with pencils in a€?Get a Clue”, communicating with his inner Castle, wasting time at his computer, kicked back, almost horizontal, with ear phones on, balancing pencils between his lips and his nose. Speaking of secrets, sort of, Kate interviews the showa€™s star Sophia Del Cordova who mentions episode 347 to her male co star; I have to mention it, for the fans who cannot get enough of the Castle secret, code number 47 in all of its manifestations. Sophia informs Kate that her purse is missing, a very expensive Arthur Radcliff, if I have that correct, She lends it to Anahita, and it may be a piece of the puzzle that solves the young stara€™s murder.
Like his heroes, Rick appreciates lanky, Katea€™s lengthy stems, that is, and her quick wit.
In saunters Sophia Del Cordova, a diva making a grand entrance, hand extended in greeting or waiting for an obsequious kiss and the homage, her due. Incredulous, with her demands, he tells her: a€?You want me to find your purse.a€? A purse!
Rick accepts this gift his wife tosses in his direction, not out of pity but out of love and concern. Wanting a little help from Kate in finding the diamond encrusted clutch, Rick calls Kate, who suggests that he might do some actual police work such as canvassing or as he realizes, the grunt work Kate usually assigns to her team. From Michael Segundo the team learns that Michael and Anahita staged the attack to help Anahita get away from her usual restrictions; he was not the killer. In the auditorium lobby, Rick questions Ronnie who shakes Rick down for money for every question and answer.
In the ladies room Rick encounters Kate who also connects the auditorium as one of Anahitaa€™s last places observed. According to Baby Castlea€™s theory, and to Espositoa€™s everlasting chagrin, Ana had a secret rendezvous with Real Estate magnet Herman Eckles, had a flash drive exchange and was half Lebanese; surely there must be an espionage plot afoot. Even as he chastises Ryan for developing the Castle a€?habit of acquiring wild outlandish theories,a€? the sardonic Perlmutter provides a print from the body. The scene shifts to Ricka€™s office, with the PI hard at work, perplexed a bit, bathed in the bluish white glare from the computer screen.
Mortified, Kate scoots out and leaves her husband to deal with his client who promptly fires him. Tip-toeing into the blue-bathed bedroom, Rick whispers: a€?Are you awake?a€? Their expressions are too sweet.
Noticing, that Kate sees the humor in the situation, Rick asks her to forgive him and to do him a favor. Using Ryana€™s identification and badge number, Rick locates the limo and the name of the owners: The Danbridge Group.
Back at the station, Kate reminds Rick how they lojack tracked the limo and saved his bacon. A little unseemly it is to hear Ryan and Esposito wangle Rick out of Knicks tickets for saving him. Mathus did not kill her, although he did limo drive her, attempting to bring her to Abdul Nazif, until she jumped out of the car and was lost to him.
After paying Ronnie additional extortion fees, Rick searches the trash and the bushes for Anaa€™s tossed purse. Back at his office, the very serious private dick searches the purse and finds the flash drive. Like another Sophia, Sophia Turner, Ricka€™s long ago muse and lover, Turncoat Turner and traitor, this Sophia recognizes a key ingredient in Ricka€™s make up: a€?Youa€™re like me, Mr. Rick wrestles the gun from Sophia and to hear him tell the story later, it was quite a thrilling display of power and agility: a€?My on- line, self-defense course, much like your Special Forces training, had me in the zone. Afraid to allow the two biggest stars to leave his domain and destroy him, Francisco Herrera, the culprit, plants a hidden microphone in Sophiaa€™s trailer in order to spy on the women. With the case tied up, Sophia signs autographs for Javiera€™s Tia, not, addressing it a€?to Javier,a€? with Esposito melting in a fan puddle. Arm in arm, once upon a time, they walked together on their way for a hamburger, after the boring dates with the pretty ones who never stopped talking about themselves, just about the funniest, ironic thing. Now as they walk together down the familiar hall, arm in arm, Kate congratulates her husband.
Silhouetted, they walk down the hall, together, in a warm golden tone, reminiscent of another time walking away in a€?Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind,a€? with their vests on, bantering as usual: the words writer and police, illuminating against the dark blue skies. But I especially remember their walk to the elevator, at the end of a€?Linchpin,a€? bathed in a golden tone, shadowed and silhouetted, hip bumping and happy with each other. When Jim Beckett and Martha were waiting in the station in a€?After Hours,a€? to learn the fate of their children who had been out all night in a dangerous neighborhood and in grave jeopardy, both parents gather strength from each other and share their constant worry for their child.

Couldn’t help wondering when Rick declared that he could be his own muse that there would be a new series of PI novels – a nod to the upcoming Derrick Storm TV series, perhaps? For me, as I have said a half million times, Rick will always be the most hopeful of all heroes and the man who has become all he always was. I loved the pencil scene and its dropping into Rick’s hands at just the right moment.
I have all six season DVDs and have watch them at least 6+ time from season 1 through 6 then back to S1 again. Other shows are interesting, but they do not have the spark, the values, the production which bring us back every week thirsting for more. A love of character, plot and theme, so beautifully depicted in Castle, has united so many people from so many different walks of life. I love to write about our favorite show and characters; we all seem to draw special inspiration from the values depicted in the show. I agree with you and believe there is always a story , perhaps 8 million or more in the naked city. Alternate Universe & Crossovers [670] Where cast of the Naruto Universe are inserted into an alternate universe.
The man with the glasses wouldn't tell her, the sullen youth doesn't want to get involved, and the man with the sweep of dark hair sent chills down her spine.Even in Konoha, Misaki is still on the pale man's leash with Kabuto following right behind. It symbolized the unification of her brothers and their outstanding achievements that she wished to make as well. That once beautiful, peaceful white changed into a blood red on the left and a sky blue on the right.
The girl knew that as long as she kept going on this specific path, she'd reach the place she wanted to be the most: In everyone's hearts. What would life be like if the blond hero was taught, raised, and loved by all three legendary shinobi? It covers subjects in the naruto datebooks like abilities, fun facts, name meanings, missions, personality, appearance, list of jutsu and i added her relationship with the characters. For years she has succumbed to it, but even after she had defeated it the demon continued to haunt her through every day life. An eclectic group of seventeen ninja ranging from Leaf shinobi to Akatsuki members find themselves in a past gone terribly askew.
Other time-travellin' shinobi include: Gaara, Kimimaro, Hanzo, Haku and Kushimaru, plus a couple more.
Now reborn as a angel, he must guide the orphaned knuckleheaded ninja Naruto and help him become the greatest Hokage ever!
When she manages to escape a dark corner of the ninja world that she was forced to be a part of, she realizes that she can't stay away from the ninja world for good when she meets Naruto and his friends.
Anne Sullivan is a therapist, who is chosen by the Liars' parents originally to help them deal with their seemingly obsessive thoughts about pinning Alison's murder on Ian Thomas. Sullivan, who is sworn to confidentiality, and Emily and Aria are the loudest proponents in favor of cluing her in on their secrets. Sullivan’s office, the girls are ready to tell all, until they catch sight of Ezra’s Hollis diploma on the wall, a subtle hint from "A" that she is privy to everything they say.
Sullivan spots Emily at her locker, struggling with some books that have fallen out and goes to assist her. Sullivan is walking down a street at night near her office, when she receives a phone call. Sullivan is leaving her office later, Mona is waiting outside with a flower pot to put in her office. Sullivan's sessions after a while in "Touched by an 'A'-ngel", despite not having liked being forced to attend in the first place. Sullivan made up Mona's condition for her to avoid jail and remain "A" mostly because Mona blackmailed her. Sullivan [to Emily]: Just because you stopped being my patient doesn't mean I stopped caring about you. Sullivan (at school assembly):These vicious attacks sent by electronic means may as well be carved into stone. She had her chance but didna€™t recognize it soon enough; she knows So when Rick teases a€?extraordinary,a€? a special word he uses frequently to describe her, their word, Kate looks concerned with his word choice. A confidence is revealed, a question or confession proclaimed, love sometimes hidden in subtext surfaces, in a show of their solidarity and need for each other.
But interview Francisco Herrera they must, the network representative who oversees Anahitaa€™s show. Observing the pencil bodies, piled up, hanging from Ricka€™s office ceiling, I screamed with laughter.
Plus they will see each other just a tad more with intersecting clientsa€¦or culprits as it were.
If only they could figure out where she went, Rick would find the purse and Kate, the killer. From the matron they both learn that Ana had a rendezvous with a pretty, dark haired, middle -eastern woman who slipped Ana a USB flash drive which Ana promptly dropped into her purse.
And as for running the print through the system, he will a€?leave that to lesser minds,a€? a€¦namely Ryan andA Esposito who find the print belongs to Harlan Mathus.
I unsuccessfully repress the urge to mind speak: a€?Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into minea€¦a€? Ita€™s time for them to go home, together.
And Rick jumps much the same way he does in the final elevator scene of a€?After the Storm.a€? Kate has plans then and now. On the computer comes a video from a security camera which shows Ana getting into the limo with the purse and dashing out without the purse.
Forcefully pounding on the door, looking kind of Magnum PI cool, Rick prepares to enter when he spies a white limo pulling out of the mega garage.
A rough dude pulls up, brandishes a gun and orders Rick to turn over his phone, (alas, phonicide, again), for they are going for a ride. Actually, it is more than tacky, but it is SOP between the three of them, usually a week each with Ricka€™s Ferrari gets thrown in to boot. He also dislodges a diamond from the clutch, and using Katea€™s gift, his trusty detective magnifying glass, Rick deduces the diamonds are false.
They walk down the hall as they have done so many times before, sometimes together and sometime alone, physically and spiritually. Youa€™re Deada€? Kate accompanies Rick out for some comfort food and presents him with a magical bouquet to show her sympathy after the Gina kerfuffle.
The magnetic pull of their love, always there, centers them; gravity grounds them, holds them together, encircles them, embraces them and saves them. I draw inspiration from him and the writers who give him the words, and I know this inspiration has kept me alive these past few years. They would be forced to keep her for their selfish resons, and raise her with the children that are all ready there. And so her goals, her dreams, her decisions, and her life relied on where that one path would take her. But the past is not always what it seems when your destination is decided by chance, and scheming with foreknowledge can be just as difficult when events unfold otherwise. Striving to get attention and respect, he has an attitude that makes those around want to shut his loud mouth.
She does not try to push the girls, rather only to win their trust in order to help them heal.
Spencer agrees, and even Hanna, the most unwilling to see a shrink, is in, as she approves of Dr. She immediately picks up on Emily's anxiety vibes and offers to help her if only Emily will confide in her. Later, while Emily is being comforted by her friends regarding the incident, she ignores Dr. Sullivan asks her about what happened the night Emily killed Nate for self-defense, Emily says that people think she is some hero but she knows what she did.

Rick stands before the body of the murdered psychic at the crime scene in a€?Hea€™s Dead, Shea€™s Dead,a€? a season three early opus, the one in which the psychic predicts her own murder and in which Kate learns about a man named Alexander who will save her life one day. Ricka€™s only clients are autograph seekers or looky- loos with theories on Ricka€™s two month disappearancea€¦or those who search for a disappearing cat.
Writer Adam Frost has penned another delightful entry, brimming with the optimism, love and fun that set a€?Castlea€? above all other shows.
Now, the most free and honest they have ever been, they openly reveal their love for each othera€¦in words, easily talking. But I spy him hiding behind a lamp post, popping out; striving for a peek at the scene denied him. I remember so well returning to my classroom after a substitute had anchored my class for a few days. The purse is worth half a million dollars and is on loan, and Sophia must return it in a timely fashion or face huge financial consequences.
By checking the VIN number on the opened car door, Rick devises a way to track down the white limo. At first, in a€?Murder He Wrote,a€? all Rick wants to do is talk and theorize about the case to the point that Kate gives up and tells him to just get up and get the coffee. Crawling around in a white limo, Rick searches for the purse, the USB drive, and anything leading to Anahita. Ana and Sophia were breaking away from their telenovela network and forming their own, the first Latin American Female driven new network. In a€?Secret Santaa€? they walk down the hall together only to part at the elevator, not on the same page, each slightly heartbroken.
I’ve watched this episode at least 3 times but in reading your article it has helped me to enjoy the different scene nuances even more. This is the life of Sachiko Uchiha as she is raised with the akatsuki.NOT ITACHI'S SISTER!!!
This is a list of many things that have never, to my knowledge been answered about the Naruto series.
The transition is slowly tearing him apart, and he can't decide whether or not the change was good or bad. Then there's his rival teammate, Sasuke, a boy who keeps himself at distance and makes no personal ties. Hanna Marin walks in late, hoping to have missed the whole appointment, but to her annoyance, the girls have ‘politely’ waited for her.
Sullivan professionally tells Ella that she does not recommend siblings seeing the same therapist, and so, agrees to give her referrals.
Sullivan is trying to ask her if she sees Paige, Nate, or the lighthouse, but Emily only sees Alison in the yellow shirt the night she died.
Sullivan closes the door and says she is leaving and Mona thanks her for everything she did for her.
They had been together ever since, but Francisco does offer up a suspect, Marcus Segundo who threatened to kill Anahita. From the doorway, unannounced, Sophia bellows her reprimand that would do Captain Gates proud, in fact wasna€™t it Captain Gates?
I do think I heard ita€™s an encrypted security key to a hundred million dollars, Swiss bank account. I really enjoy the way you reference the dialogue and scenes from previous seasons and iconic mystery novels.
As always, thank you, for all that you do for us fans and that you share so beautifu from week to week. That the soul of the girl he chidori'd in the heart lived inside the girl he was in love with? His one-track vengeful mind and lust for his brother's demise has carried him through a life of hatred and solitude. She had noticed that their decision to turn back, once on the brink of telling her, stemmed from one of the girls and slowly spread to the other four, but can’t figure out why.
Sullivan, who in turn, urges her to schedule an appointment and share her thoughts in her office. Sullivan is seen talking to an auditorium of students at  Rosewood High School (the Liars, Mona Vanderwaal and Jenna Marshall included) about bulling and text threats.
Sullivan suggests that Emily tries hypnotherapy, but Emily says she knows exactly what happened. She tells Emily that she is in a safe place but Emily is scared and believes she killed Alison.
She tells them about Charles' relationship to Jason, and then they get the video footage of Sara from A. After Ana was killed, Sophia needed the purse and the USB drive in order to secure payment and the deal. Your description of the the different cast member relationships with one another also show the phenomenal chemistry this show has.
Along comes the damsel in distress, Sakura, ditzy and unrequitedly in love with our dark, brooding avenger. She believes that the girls are frustrating their attempts at therapy by coming as a group and so recommends to their parents to have them separate for a while, both within sessions and without. Sullivan is seen returning to a patient in her office, apologizing for having kept her waiting to call another patient.
She tries to enlist the Rosewood Police Force's help, but the two officers, one of which is Garrett Reynolds, insist that they cannot be of much help in figuring out who bugged her office without her revealing the girls' names. Unwilling to crush him or ruin his great expectations, Kate offers her support to the man she simply trusts and loves.
What if his girlfriend's mind was linked with that of Obitos, and through the link learned the secret of the Uchiha Massacre and of Itachi? Her low self-esteem and lack of ninja tact makes her a casualty for her team, and nothing more. Sullivan, but their cell phones go off, scaring them with reminders of "A" finding anything out. She then comments on being chilly and grabs a sweater off the coat rack, where a black hoodie is also hanging.
I loved the way you described their walks together, how in sync they are, their support for one another is organic and natural especially now that they’re married.
Martha really loves Kate and knows she is the only woman who has ever truly loved her son, and is his true partner for life.
Maia loves Kakashi too, but must never tell the village her friendship with Itachi, or her interactions with Kabuto, the only link to an identity she has. Enter their mission - Rayne Sayomi, a carefree individual with the strength that would make a mountain shake.
It has been real fun to watch the lightness of these episodes to relieve the stress and sadness in the world today.
Fan Ninja Bingo Book [127] An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories.
While hiding secrets that could lead to a world war from the village, Maia learns the truth behind why she is frail, who she is and where in the world she belongs, and works as a spy for two spies to protect the village.
Her personality makes those around instantly like her, though her short temperament can bring out the demon inside. I am looking forward to the rest of this season and more, I believe our couple and friends have a lot more stories for us to enjoy, and make us think.
Sullivan is seen in a diner with "A." She has a grim expression on her face, possibly meaning that "A" blackmailed her somehow. Sullivan and "A" had worked together, at least in part, and she had never been in danger of suffocating.

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