And this guy's supposed alien somehow doesn't look like other pictures of the big eyed aliens found in pop culture. Thank you its only fair to to treat someone who gives a clear story of his own perception of what could be true or not. Simply overlaying two pictures without compensating for perspective - like you did - is misleading. I think their is enough similiraty that they might have started with the walmart prop IF it existed prior to the video.
IMO Those are very important question to ask along when was the prop actually made and by whom. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
Unfortunately, the band –- which had a bit of a revolving door – wasn’t entirely complete; Adam Brody (Dave) and Sebastian Bach (Gil) weren’t present at the jam sesh. The last time we saw Lane, she had opted to stay behind with her twins (!!!) while her new hubby (and bandmate) Zach embarked on a two-month tour as guest lead guitarist. Since the entire cast will be at the reunion tonight, we think there’s at least one more musical performance in store for fans.
I will not rent, sell, share or otherwise disclose your personal information to any third party. One of our Virginia Affiliates Susan Sprouse joined us today discussing her Karatbar experience and views. NanoGirl is back on the show and tonight to traverse time itself and take a look at something we all live by, but have little concept of – TIME!
We even throw in the man himself, Nikola Tesla, and his flirting with the first time technology of its kind, not the only first that this forgotten genius came upon. An Irish girl has invented a life-saving sleeping bag for the homeless–with the added benefit of creating jobs for some former street dwellers.
Emily Duffy came up with the idea after “living rough” for a day on Dublin’s streets, experiencing life as thehomeless do to raise money for a charity that helps them.
The 15-year-old Desmond College student thought cloth bags were too impractical — dirty, dangerous, and hard to keep dry. Duffy’s invention, dubbed “Duffily Bags,” have a highly reflective, fire retardant and waterproof shell. She recently showed off her invention at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin, which showcased some of the brightest ideas of the country’s young people.

The bags are already being produced by former homeless people now earning $10 an hour at the Mendicity Institution — a homeless service center in Dublin. Anonymous has very kindly posted the most comprehensive listing of Hillary and her lies , crimes, and corruption. Hillary Clinton Ties Emerge In Panama Papers: (6 $BILLION MISSING OF STATE DEPT FUNDS NOW THIS?
Hillary told secret service agent who refused to carry her bag to ‘get the f*** away from me’, and treated her detail like hired help but Bill was a softie . Security Logs of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Are Said to Show No Evidence of Hacking: O Rly? A little more than 6 miles off the coast of Point Dume in Malibu, California, an unusual-looking structure sits on the sea bed floor. The anomaly -- for the moment, we'll call it that -- is approximately 2,000 feet below the surface of the water, measuring nearly 3 miles wide. Watch this video created by "Fade to Black" radio host Jimmy Church about the Malibu underwater anomaly. Jimmy Church, who hosts "Fade to Black" on the Dark Matter Radio Network, told The Huffington Post one of his listeners -- someone named Maxwell -- contacted him last month with a Google Earth image showing something odd, underwater off the coast of Malibu. Speculation about the true identity of this object runs from a natural geological fault line formation to an underwater alien UFO base. As unusual as this "anomaly" appears, is alien-UFO base the only realistic explanation for it? Schwartz shared with HuffPost a research paper published in 2009 by the Geological Society of America, showing cross-sections of the anomaly area -- designated as Sycamore Knoll -- by those who actually studied this underwater region. HuffPost reached out to John Anthony West, an independent Egyptologist, who won an Emmy award for his research for the 1993 NBC documentary, "Mystery of the Sphinx," in which he and geologist Robert Schoch presented evidence that the Great Sphinx of Giza may be thousands of years older than previously thought. Also weighing in on the Malibu mystery is former FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen, who has an extensive background investigating and analyzing questionable pictures and videos.
West concedes the possibility that this object could be an entrance of sorts, in the same way that the action of moving water can form caves below the surface. And they are not laid out in the exact same position or photographed from the exact same angle either. Area 51 type of installation and scientists just walking out with a personal stash of photos. The lower part of the head besides adding some ears ,makeup and perhaps some additional plastic prop could be made .

The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Why, though, does this video have all the creepy grey faces and Geiger-esque images laid over the original vid.
We get into paradoxes and timelines taking a look at the work of Dr David Lewis Anderson of the Anderson Institute of Time. His tech sounds eerily similar to the processes we describe in relation to that facility under the Swiss Alps…… CERN!
Based on images obtained on Google Earth, the oval-shaped object has a huge flat top and what appear to be pillars or columns that seem to reveal the entrance to a darker, inner place. Church then asked graphic designer Dale Romero to capture as many angled images of the anomaly as he could. These images show the object from different angles along the California coast, starting with this overhead picture. I think it's because it looks like there's a flat surface and then, below it, it looks like there are these vertical columns, so somebody can say, 'Oh, this is the entryway to something special,'" said earthquake geologist David Schwartz of the U.S. Because they often use very different technologies, the derived information isn't always going to agree.
Everything is eroded and covered in rocks and sloping and peaking, and right here, for 2 miles, it is a perfect oval with a black separation or outline to it. This is a really major earthquake area and perhaps some of these features are a result of slope failures, due to shaking. When it doesn't, Google relies on its automatic 3D auto-generation programs to make sense of it. Will the UFO-alien-underwater-base proponents be eventually proven right, leaving geologists in the deep blue dust, scratching their heads and wondering how they got it wrong? Original audio, or even none, would seem more credible to me than this post-production stuff.

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