An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line. Denim Stories es la coleccion de bano mas marinera de la firma Women’Secret, donde puedes encontrar varios modelos de bikini, con top triangular o bandeau, aunque tambien hay un banador y los completos que son un habitual en esta marca para que consigas tu look completo. WATCH: 8 Things We Learned From Mariah Carey's Epic WWHL Appearance – Find Out If She Really Does Know Jennifer Lopez!

WATCH: You'll Never Guess What Nick Jonas' Newest Song Is About – and Who Sings It with Him! If you think the relationship between Bates Motel's Norma and Norman Bates couldn't get any creepier, Vera Farmiga is here to dismiss that thought. And, in case fans are wondering if there will be another inappropriate kiss between Norma and Norman, the answer is yes.

Despite the toll that filming the "brutal" season has taken on Farmiga, it's a different story for Highmore, who has no problem playing his dark character.

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